18 Language Support Present in Google Drive

Google has just added 18 new language support for the web version of its cloud storage service, Google Drive. This also applies to Google Docs Sheets and Slides services.

New languages ​​added by Google include African, Amharic, Basque, Chinese (Hong Kong), Estonian, French (Canadian), Galician, Icelandic, Khmer, Laos, Malaysian, Nepali, Persian, Sinhala, Spanish (Latin American), Swahili, Urdu, and Zulu. With the addition of 18 of these languages, Google Drive is now recorded in 65 languages.

To switch to a different language in Google Drive, you can simply enter the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then selecting “Settings” and selecting a new language in the “general” section. To change the language in Google Drive for the mobile version, You must open the language settings on the device you are using.


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