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7 Easy Methods to Fix ‘Discord Not Opening’ Error


This article focuses on 7 Easy Methods to fix ‘Discord not opening’ error on Windows 10.

Discord is a voice and text chat tool for gamers that is free to use. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers are all supported. It allows game participants to communicate by text, video, and audio. Many people enjoy playing video games with their pals and chatting on Discord. However, the Discord app does not always open when you click it.

You can try restarting your Windows 10 computer and opening the programme again, or reinstalling the software fully to see whether it opens smoothly. If not, there could be other factors at play. We don’t know the exact causes of the Discord not opening problem, but we do know how to fix the Discord won’t open error on Windows 10. Take a look at the list below.

Methods to Fix ‘Discord not opening’ Error

Discord Not Opening

Method 1. Discord should be closed in Task Manager and restart

  • Open the task manager On Windows 10. To open it quickly, press the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • To use Discord, go to the Process tab and click it. Then, on the right-bottom, click the End Task option to terminate the background Discord process.
  • Then restart Discord to test if it can open and function properly.

Alternatively, you can use Command Prompt to terminate the background Discord process.

  • To open the Windows 10 Command Prompt, use Windows + R, type cmd, then press Enter.
  • After that, type taskkill /F /IM discord.exe and press Enter. This should bring the Discord process to a close.

Method 2. Repair Corrupted System Files using SFC

  • Select Command Prompt from the Start menu and input cmd or command Prompt.
  • Type sfc /scannow onto the command prompt and hit Enter. Any corrupted system files in your Windows system should be repaired using this method.

Method 3. Clear the AppData and LocalAppData files

  • Press Windows + R, then enter percent appdata percent in the Run box.
  • Right-click the Discord folder and select Eliminate to delete it. AppData should be deleted as a result of this.
  • Press Windows + R again, type percent localappdata%, and delete the Discord folder. This has the potential to remove LocalAppData.
  • Try relaunching Discord to check if it works.

Tip: If this doesn’t fix the Discord won’t open problem, you can delete Discord and then reinstall it after clearing AppData and LocalAppData as described above. To uninstall Discord, open Programs and Features by pressing Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl, then pressing Enter. To uninstall Discord, right-click it in the list and select Uninstall.

Method 4. Try using the web version of Discord to log in

To log in to Discord via browser, go to the main Discord website (https://discordapp.com), click Login, and input your account credentials. After you’ve logged in, try restarting the Discord programme on your Windows 10 machine to see whether it works.

Method 5. Disable Proxies

  • To open Control Panel in Windows 10, use Windows + R, type control panel, then press Enter.
  • Select Network and Internet -> Internet Options.
  • Select the Connections tab, then the LAN settings button.
  • Check Setups are detected automatically. Uncheck To disable proxies on your LAN, use a proxy server (these settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections).

Method 6. Reset DNS

  • To open Windows Command Prompt, use Windows + R, type cmd, and press Enter.
  • In Command Prompt, type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter to reset DNS.

Method 7. Fix Discord Stuck on Starting by Changing the Date/Time

Select Time and Language by pressing Windows + I. Ensure that Set time automatically is enabled.


These quick 7 methods will help you fix the issue. If you have any queries please comment them down below.


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