Accelerate Your Marketing with Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools

Twitter has been one of the most underestimated social media platforms by marketers till now. But the brands have finally started leveraging this platform smartly for marketing purposes. Short tweets-style content is becoming popular and makes it easy for people to share their thoughts. And using hashtags is one of the best methods to increase the reach of the tweets.

Brands and marketers are using Twitter hashtag tracking tools to get data on the most popular Twitter content. You can start using Twitter hashtag tracking tools to create better content and understand the behavioral insights of the users.

In this blog, we have discussed how Twitter hashtag tracking will help your brand’s marketing efforts. You will also see a list of the best Twitter hashtag tracking tools available in the market.

How do Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools help in Marketing?

Using Twitter Hashtag Tracking tools has many benefits and helps in improving the marketing plans for brands. Some of the main benefits are:

1. Analyze Social Media Presence

You can check the reach and engagement on your Twitter content through hashtag tracking tools. These tools show the reach, impressions, likes, comments, shares, etc., on each Tweet done from your account. You can also identify trending hashtags to increase engagement.

2. Get Insights into the Target Audience

Hashtag tracking helps you identify which people are engaging with your content. It will also help you understand what type of content performs well and gets maximum audience engagement, you can then make the right strategies to create well-engaging content.

3. Find the Right Social Media Influencers for your Brand

Through hashtag analysis, you can find influencers for your brand’s marketing. Social media influencers can bring more audience/customers to your brand and sway people in your favor. You can also assess the engagement on the influencer’s profile and posts to see which influencers can provide you the highest ROI.

4. Competitor Analysis

You can see what your competitors are doing on Twitter through hashtag analysis tools. It will also help you understand which marketing strategies are effective and which aren’t. You can also set practical engagement standards for your brand.

5. Enhance Relationships with Customers

After using the product/service from a brand, many people like to share their experiences on social media platforms and tag the brand. Through hashtag analysis, you can find these people and engage with their posts. They can share positive/negative reviews and even problems they are facing. You can thank your customers for positive reviews or assure them to solve their problems.

Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools for You

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a UGC platform, and you can add the live Twitter feed. You can collect the content from Twitter with the help of hashtags and track their analytics. At a time, Taggbox allows you to monitor 2 to 25 hashtags, depending on the plan you have taken. You can also use Taggbox for other social media platforms.

With Taggbox, you can track and monitor total impressions on the posts, see the number of total posts, post network, find the most active users, see sentiment statistics, post location, etc. All these insights about your targeted Twitter hashtags will help you build and improve your marketing plans.

2. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free tool you can use to track your Twitter hashtags. It has a unique feature that does sentiment analysis and shows positive or negative feedback of customers towards your brand. You can use the report to work on the negative side effect. The other key features of this tool are: collecting Twitter history, exploring data, API integration, advanced Twitter hashtag analytics, immediate email notifications, etc.

3. Hashtracking

Hastracking is a beneficial tool to track Twitter hashtags and their performance in real-time. Hashtracking can track data from Twitter and Instagram only. The benefit of using hashtracking is that you can extract records and data. This tool also allows you to store, archive reports, and share them with other people.

4. Ritetag

Ritetag helps you analyze which hashtags will perform well for your brand. You can enter your selected hashtags, and Ritetag will show you the estimated performance statistics for it. Ritetag uses past weeks’ data to show you the predicted results. Seeing the estimated data, you can decide if you want to use the hashtag or not.

Ritetag is also popular for showing hashtag suggestions. You can enter your text/media file and get hashtag suggestions from Ritetag.


Tracking hashtags on Twitter can help you improve your marketing plans. The twitter tracking tools offer different features which will help you analyze which content works best on the platform and what your target audience loves to see. You can then improve your content and make better use of the platform by increasing your ROI.

Twitter hashtag tracking tools are the key to leveraging this platform. There are many tools available in the market, but we suggest that you try and then judge which tool serves your purpose best. See our references of the best Twitter hashtag tracking tools above to get started.


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