Which Is The Best Free Data Recovery Software?

Data loss may happen due to human errors or problems with the storage device. You may lose data due to deletion, formatting the drive/volume, virus infection, bad sectors, drive corruption, etc. If you’ve lost data due to such reasons and want to know the best data recovery software to recover data for free, this blog is for you. This blog reveals the best data recovery software which can recover the lost data, and that too at free of cost.

There is a plethora of free data recovery tools available, but the best is the one which can “successfully” recover your data with security. Apart from effectiveness and security, the free software must at least have other basic features to fulfill your data recovery needs.

Which Free Data Recovery Tool Is The Best?

Considering effectiveness, security, and all other features, the free version of Stellar Data Recovery Software is the best free data recovery tool. This software recovers all types of lost or deleted files such as documents, videos, photos, Outlook data files, audio files etc. This data recovery software is safe to install and allows you to save the recoverable data for free.

Why You Should Choose Stellar’s Free Data Recovery Software?

Free version of Stellar Data Recovery Software supports free data recovery from NTFS, FAT (FAT16/FAT32), and exFAT devices. It recovers deleted or lost data from laptops, desktops, and external drives such as HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, USB thumb drives, pen drives, etc.

The software recovers a wide range of file formats. It also helps you to add a file type/extension (if by default not added in supported files list of the software), and thus allows free recovery of virtually any type of file.

The “Deep Scan” feature of this free data recovery tool thoroughly scans and reads each sector on the drive. It looks into the file signature and helps recover every bit of data. You can use this feature to recover data from severely corrupt drives or RAW drives.

The data recovery software helps you recover data even from encrypted drives. You just need to enter the password when asked, and thereafter you can recover data on the encrypted drive.

Steps To Recover Data with Free Data Recovery Software

You can download the free data recovery software from their official website. Thereafter, follow the steps given below to recover data for free.

  • Step 1: Install and launch the data recovery software on your Windows system
  • Step 2: From the interface, select the type of files you want to recover, and click “Next”
  • Step 3: Select the desired location from where you can recover your data, and then click “Scan”

After the completion of scanning process, you’ll see a list of all the files including the lost/deleted ones.

  • Step 4: From the listed files, choose the files you want to recover, and then click “Recover”

You’ll be prompted to Browse a save location.

  • Step 5: Click “Browse” when prompted and choose a location (a drive other than the one from which you’ve lost data due to a problem with this drive) where you want to save the selected files
  • Step 6: Once you’ve chosen the location, click “Start Saving”

The selected files will be saved at the desired location. (Better if you save all the files in a new location/hard drive)


A free data recovery tool which is safe to install, recovers data effectively, and provides all basic features required for recovering data is the best data recovery tool. One such software is Stellar Data Recovery. The free version of this software is the best free data recovery tool available. It recovers data in all data loss situations such as malware attack, bad sectors on drive, deletion, formatting, etc. It can recover all types of files such as documents, photos, videos, and audio files, deleted or lost from your laptop, desktop, or any other windows-based device. Stellar data recovery in India is an ISO certified data recovery service and software provider. You can get in touch with them for any data loss and data recovery query.


5 Things To Look For In A Bosch Laser Measure

When you’re in the market for a Bosch laser measure, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s an important purchase, especially for people who have need of measurements professionally. In the world of architecture, there is no room for error or mistakes – only perfection. So, when you’re off looking for what tools to add to your repertoire, you need to make sure you choose the right Bosch laser measure. How? Well, let’s go over our checklist and see what makes a great Bosch laser measure such a precious tool.

Amazing Features To Consider

  • Simplicity

While all of these points are equally important, simplicity takes the cake at first. When you get your Bosch laser measure and have to figure out how to work it for the first time, nothing helps better than making sure it’s simple and easy to use. A good indicator is size – an even better indicator are the buttons. But beware – there’s a fine line between good simplicity, and detrimental simplicity. You still want to make sure you’re getting all the information a Bosch laser measure would usually promise you.

  • Design

Design is important, as well. A product with bad design is unwieldy, difficult to use and, worst of all, not properly functional. One thing to pay specific attention to when looking for a Bosch laser measure, or any laser measure for that matter, is that good design.

However, even functional and technically good design doesn’t necessarily make a good choice. Design is about function, and form. If you don’t like your tool’s form, you’ll get little pleasure from using it.

  • Accuracy

Ranking above simplicity in importance, and tying in importance with reliability in the long run, is the accuracy of your chosen Bosch laser measure. An inaccurate laser measure is a waste of space and time – and a bad purchase for obvious reasons. When getting a laser measure tool, make sure it’s accuracy can be tested, and then test it.

Which brings us to our next important point, which is just as significant as making sure you pick a model with good accuracy:

  • Reliability

An unreliable measurement tool is worthless – getting the right reading over time is an absolute professional necessity. Another form of reliability that should be heeded is product quality and battery life. The durability and longevity of a Bosch laser measure is famed for being great – but other laser measure devices might share similar qualities, if you find the right ones.

  • Price

The last point is a no-brainer – price is an important factor when making any purchase. A laser measure device is a tool – and tools are investments, made to better enhance one’s craft and produce better services. Because of that, you should set your budget for a Bosch laser measure accordingly, understanding that your purchase will affect the quality of your workmanship, and help you serve your customers – or complete your personal projects – better, with much higher quality.

But, that doesn’t mean you should let yourself get ripped off, or pay too much for a tool you can’t use for your projects.



MediaBox HD APK (Android/iOS) Download

MediaBox HD is almost the same as CatMouse and UnlockMyTV and is becoming of the most loved for streaming tv shows and movies on firestick and Roku devices. The users love these apps because of their vast content library and easy UI {user interface}. With regular updates, you can get the abundant trending content that covers all the newest aired episodes along with released flicks which ensures that you don’t miss out.


MediaBox HD can help you view high-quality streaming links without any lag. A common MediaBox content viewing experience is at the 1080p quality.

But by using the Real Debrid you can access 4K resolution content which makes everything extra special.

The media though large but free has a premium feature. To access these, you have to become a VIP member by donating a said amount. Similar to the Patreon pattern

How to setup MediaHD APK?

Step 1: First of all visit Settings from the main menu.

Step 2: Go to Settings on your Home Screen and select My Fire TV/Device.

Step 3: Click on Developer Options.

Step 4: Click on the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 5: Click on the Turn On button.

Step 6: Go back to the Settings and visit Preferences.

Step 7: After that, visit Privacy Settings.

Step 8: Now you have to turn off Device Usage Date and Collect App Usage Date settings.

Step 9:  After that, click on Data Monitoring.

Step 10: Turn off it.

Step 11: Return to the Home Screen and tap on the search icon.

Step 12: After that, write Downloader and search it.

Step 13: Click on the Download app and install it.

Step 14: Click on the Open button.

Step 15: Tap on the Allow button.

Step 16: Tap on the OK button.

Step 17: Tap on the Settings.

Step 18: Now tap to Enable JavaScript.

Step 19: Tap on the Home.

Step 20: Click here to download MediaBox.

Step 21: Now APK file is downloading wait for a few seconds.

Step 22: After the complete download of the APK file, a new page will popup click on the Next button.

Step 23: You can see the Install button at the bottom click on that.

Step 24: Wait for a few seconds for installation.

Step 25: After complete installation, at the bottom click on the Done button.

Step 26: Now, we don’t need APK file in our Firestick so we can remove it by clicking on the Delete button.

Step 27: Click again on the Delete button.

Step 28: Return to Home and visit Your Apps & Channels and click See All.

Step 29: Now you can see MediaBox at the bottom, select app and long press on the menu button in Firestick remote and choose “Move to Front”.

Step 30: Now you can launch the MediaBox HD.

Install MediaBox HD on FireStick Using ES File Explorer?

Step 1: Install ES File Explorer

Go the Amazon App Store in FireStick and click on the search icon in the top-left corner. After you do it, type ES File Explorer. It will mostly show it auto-suggestion so you don’t need to type it entirely.

Simply follow the instructions and install the ES File Explorer. Remember, this is the app that we’ll use to download MediaBox HD APK on FireStick.

Step 2: Run ES File Explorer

Once you have installed the ES File Explorer, you’ll see a simple interface (refer to the image below). If you watch closely you can see the expandable menu option on the left along with a set of icons on the right side.

There are two ways to enter the downloader. You can either:

  • Go to Tools > Download Manager
  • Simply click the downloader icon you see in the right

Step 3: Click on New

As you enter the download manager. At the bottom, you’ll see the “New” option on the left alongside Refresh, Windows and History. Click on the button which says New.

Step 4: Enter Path

Once you click on New, a dialogue box will appear on your screen asking you to enter path and name. In the link section, insert the following link: and write MediaBox HD in the name section.

Step 6: Let the app Download

ES File Explorer will now start downloading the MediaBox HD app on Firestick. Be patient and let the download finish as the download time may vary based upon your internet speed.

Step 7: Open the app

Once the download is completed, you can open the file as seen in the image below. Click on OPEN FILE.

Step 8: Install the file

Once you open the file, click on the Install button. Once you click install, FireStick will generate prompt asking you to Install the MediaBox HD on FireStick. Click on install yet again.

Step 9: MediaBox APK is ready on FireStick

Once the installation is complete, a message will be displayed on your screen. Click open and you’ll be able to launch MediaBox app right from your FireStick.

How to Install MediaBox HD on Roku?

MediaBox APK on Roku using All Screen Receiver

If you want to use MediaBox APK on Roku, you should use the Screen Receiver app to download and install it on Roku. You can follow the steps below and easily enjoy MediaBox APK on Roku.

  • Go to Roku Store.
  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device and Install All Screen (Works for DLNA and Chromecast as well).
  • Install MediaBox HD Apk on your Android phone in case you haven’t downloaded it yet. Once you open the app, you can play any video you want by simply clicking on the link.
  • Once you click any link, the video will open click on the Chromecast button on the top left side.
  • Once done, find your Roku device to cast the video package. It might take a few seconds for finding the active devices.
  • Enjoy the MediaBoxHD App on your Roku Device.
  • Ensure that your Android Phone and Your Roku Device are connected to the same internet connection or else it might not work.

How to install MediaBox HD on Android TV Box?

MediaBox easily installed on Android TV Box by 2 methods, on which 1st method you can use with Downloader app same as Firestick. And 2nd method which is given below just follow it.

1. You need to allow unknown sources for installing from third-party so for this go to settings followed by Preference and after that press on more settings.

2. After that click on the Security option, you will get at the bottom.

3. Click to turn on the Unknown Sources.

4. Visit the homepage of Android TV Box and click on the Web Browser.

5. After that enter this URL (CLICK HERE!) on URL-bar and click on Go or Ok button on your remote.

6. After that go to File Manager, in FileManager visit Download or APK section you can see APK file and click on it.

7. After that click on the Install button.

8. Wait for a few seconds to install, after complete installation you can launch the app from the home screen.

I hope this guide helped you install the MediaBox HD app on your FireStick and Roku Device. If you have any queries or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below.

Tech News

The 7 essentials for a bow stalking in the pyrenees

Hunting with bow in the mountains is a great challenge for any archer, the success of it will depend on many factors, but the correct choice of the equipment that we are going to carry will make things much easier for us.


I am in favor of using fast and powerful bows for hunting, as long as we have full control of it, since it is useless for our projectile to arrive with a lot of speed and energy if we are not able to put it in place.

For mountain hunting these two factors are an advantage, since most of the shots tend to be longer than we would like, between 40 and 80 meters.

In this case, the arc used is a pulley arch of 87 ibs of power, with 29 ”of opening, 32” between axles and 7 ”of fismel, which launches the arrows at more than 350 fps, about 106 meters per second.


The choice of the arrow is the same or more complex than that of the ammunition of our rifles, due to the quantity and variety of models, calibers, materials and finishes, which will be complemented by the wide range of hunting tips and feathers that exist in the market.

In my case I am using a 5 mm diameter 300 caliber carbon arrow with a helical feathered , the Bohning Archery X Vanes , and a double-edged mechanical hunting tip that remains closed during flight and, on impact with the animal , its blades open ensuring a perfect flight with a large cutting diameter.

The total weight of the arrow is 490 gn, keeping the energy-flush binomial fairly balanced.


I use a 0.10 monopin viewfinder with a mobile cart that allows me to adjust the shooting distance meter by meter, giving a lot of definition and precision in medium and long shots; This viewfinder also allows me to put a magnifying lens widely used in competition, offering a better view of the objective.


It is doll, from the French brand Arc Systeme .

Operated by a trigger with the index finger, the advantage of this trigger is the good fit it offers to the anatomy of each archer’s hand.


It is a drop, which ensures a clean exit from the arrow without any part of the material rubbing and can influence its flight.


They are mixed, derived from the competition, being able to personalize them with different weights at their end for better thrust of the bow until achieving a good balance of forces that, together with a good shooting technique, offers me a lot of confidence.


Camouflage clothing is essential when putting yourself at the right distance.

There are currently high-quality technical clothing on the market.


3 Practical Methods to Download Video from Website

It’s very common that we often watch various videos online for fun. And if you want to download them, it’s quite easy just by clicking the download button. Unfortunately, the majority of video sharing sites do not allow users to download for copyright protection.

Thus, if you really would like to save the videos, how to download them, which have no download button or they are not allowed to download? Don’t worry. We will tell you how to download video from website in this article.

  1. Use iTube HD Video Downloader to Download Video from Website

If you are a desktop user, this video downloader will meet your demands – iTube HD Video Downloader as it allows you to download videos from lots of websites and it supports 4K resolution videos. Also, it enables you to convert your video files to any format.

Method 1 – Play the Video with the Downloader

⑴ Install iTube HD Video Downloader on computer. Run it and reach the main interface.

⑵ Find the video you want to download within its built-in browser and play it.

⑶ Click Download button by the side of player window to get down to download videos.

Method 2 – Copy and Paste Video URL to the Downloader

⑴ Copy the URLs of the videos that you need to download.

⑵ Paste the URLs in iTube HD Video Downloader by clicking Paste URL button.

⑶ After that, the video downloader will start to download the videos automatically.

Method 3 – Record the Video

⑴ Play the video that is not allowed to download on computer.

⑵ After making some settings for recording, click REC to begin to record the video while playing.


  • Allow you to download or record videos from over 10,000 online video sharing sites.
  • Support converting downloaded videos to over 150 video or audio formats.
  • Help you manage downloaded videos easily.
  • Switch computer to sleep mode, or auto shutdown after finishing downloading.
  1. Use Flash Video Downloader to Download Video from Website

Flash Video Downloader applies to many video formats. It is a nice choice for Firefox or Chrome users. It is considered as a reliable video downloader, even though it can’t work on each site.

How to use Flash Video Downloader to download videos from a website?

Step 1: Add this downloader to Chrome.

Search Flash Video Downloader in browser > click Add to Chrome > Add extension.

Step 2: Open the URL of the video you want to download and play it.

Step 3: When the icon of Flash Video Downloader turns blue, tap on it.

Step 4: Then, the video will be displayed in a pop-up window. Just click Download button to download it.


  • MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG and many more formats are supported.
  • Most media formats can be downloaded.
  • Support downloading videos from most of websites.
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded simultaneously.
  1. Use idPaw Online Video Downloader to Download Video from Website

Actually, the easiest way to download video from website is finding a special program that is able to extract videos from webpages. VidPaw Online Video Downloader is such a tool to download videos online.

What’s more, it’s totally free and able to work on many common websites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, CNN, and so on.

You can follow these steps to download videos from website with H VidPaw Online Video Downloader:

First: Open video (you want to download) on browser. Copy the URL.

Second: Visit the Online Video Downloader in a new page, then, paste the URL in blank box and hit Download button.

Third: When preparing to save the video to your device, select format and quality for the video.


  • Totally free.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Multiple formats are supported.
  • Over 1,000 websites are supported.


We have introduced 3 different ways to download video from website in paragraphs above. Have you got them? Now, choose a preferred one to start to download video from website. If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t forget to leave a comment.


USTV APK 6.35 Download Latest Version (Official) 2020 Free

[toc]Today, more than 50% of the world’s households have television and LEDs, through which you can easily watch your favorite TV channel and you, have to pay monthly for some channels of your favorite channels. But if you want to watch a foreign channel for free like CNN, BBC, etc. then this is the best application for you, through this you can enjoy watching all the channels of your choice. If you want to download this application, then below we have given a link to download this application, through which you can easily download it.


What is USTV?

USTV is a very good and full online video streaming application through which you can watch live TV channels from anywhere, whether you are in the United Kingdom, or in America or India or Pakistan and other countries. Through this app, you can also watch international TV channels such as BBC News, CNN News, CBSN, BNN Bloomberg and Fox News, etc. USTV has a lot of TV channels and in addition, it also offers you channels like Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC Earth, History TV, and Discovery so that you can enjoy it and you can watch all these channels for free.

What are the features of USTV?

  • If you do not find your channel of choice on this USTV application, you can request it and if your requested channel is available then the developer team will update.
  • Another important thing is that you do not need to root your device to download or install this application, just use the link given below.
  • You can watch videos or live channels ranging from 360p to 1080p and up to 4k depending on your internet speed and it gives the best video quality.
  • The most important thing is that USTV is available on the Internet in two versions, the first free version and the second paid version. You can view all versions in the free version, but if you go for the paid version you will get an ad-free environment.
  • One of its amazing features is that it has many sari themes like night mode for you to comfort your eyes and its UI ID is very simple.
  • If you want to watch your favorite movies on a big screen then you can watch this application because this app also supports Chromecast.


USTV APK 6.35 Information

  • App Name USTV App
  • Version 6.35
  • APK size 27.0 MB
  • Android version requires 5.o and above
  • Developer USTV
  • Category entertainment
  • Updated 2 January 2020
  • Install 10,000,000+
  • Content rating rated for 12+
  • Join Us Telegram

How to download USTV APK on Android?

If you want to download this USTV application from our website, then you should check some of our important steps given below and then enjoy by downloading and installing this application easily:

  • So first you “Go to the download link” below and click
  • And then a download option will come; now you have to click on that “Download Now” button.

USTV APK 6.35 How to install the application on Android?


Do you want to install this USTV app in your Android smartphone, and then it is very easy, just follow one of our instructions:

  1. First of all, let us tell you that the USTV application is not available on the Google Play Store, so if you want to install the USTV on your Android smartphone then you need to allow unknown sources to be installed from the third party first:
  • First, you go to settings
  • After going to Settings you have to go to Security
  • Then after that, you have to click on the Enable button to enable Unknown sources.
  1. You can also download this application by visiting our website.
  2. When you download it, then you have to go to the download manager or file manager and then after that you click on the APK file
  3. When you click on the APK file, then a new page will open then you will have to click on the install button at the bottom of that page.
  4. When you click on the install button, then you have to wait for a few seconds.
  5. After installing, you will have to wait for a few seconds to scan that app.
  6. Now this application has been installed on your smartphone, now just launch it by clicking on its open button or clicking on the done button.

How to download and install USTV APK on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV?

This application only supports Android devices. If you still want to play it on your non-Android smart TV, you will need a deaf device for this. We have given some device examples like NVIDIA Shield, FireStick, Android TV Box, Fire TV etc. And you can install this app without any problem by following our instructions given below:

  1. First of launch the Firestick, now tap on the Settings.
  2. Then after that, you have to click on My Fire TV or device option.
  3. And then after that, you have to click on the developer option in the device.
  4. After clicking on it, you click on the application from Unknown sources.
  5. Then you have to click on the Turn on the button of Unknown sources.
  6. When you enable Unknown Sources, you immediately tap on the home screen and then click on the search icon.
  7. After tabbing in the search icon, you have to type the downloader.
  8. And then click on the downloader app and then install it.
  9. And then after installing it, click on the open button.
  10. Click on the Allow button.
  11. Then you have to click on the OK button.
  12. On the left side of the downloader app, you have to go to Settings.
  13. After going to Settings, you need to click on the box next to enable JavaScript.
  14. After enabling it, you have to click on the browser or home.
  15. Click on the URL bar.
  16. Now you need to add the download link so that to download USTV ( enter this URL
  17. Then you have to wait for a few seconds to download the APK file of this application.
  18. After downloading the APK file, click on the Next button.
  19. And then you have to click on the install button to install it.
  20. And then you have to wait for a few seconds till it is installed and then click on the done button.
  21. Click on the Delete button and again click on the delete button.
  22. This application has not been installed yet, for that you have to first go to your home page and then go to the apps section.
  23. You can see the USTV app at the bottom of your You Apps & Games section.
  24. And then now you have to long-press the menu button in your FireStick remote and then you have to select the “Move to Front” option.
  25. After that, you can easily launch this application and then enjoy it.

How to install a TV app on an Android Smart TV?

If you want to enjoy the USTV app on your Android Smart TV, then let us tell you how you can install it on your Android Smart TV. Below we have given some instructions to follow them well:

  • First of all, you have to go to Security and then go to Settings to enable Unknown sources.
  • Then you will have to download and install the Puffin browser from Google Play Store.
  • After installing the browser, launch it and then tab it in the URL box and then type the URL (
  • And then you immediately go to the main menu and then click on the application’s section and the USTV APK file.
  • And then you have to wait till the installation process is complete.
  • Then after this app is installed, you will need to launch it, to launch it, you have to click on the Open button.

How to install USTV on Windows PC or Mac?

This USTV application is only available for Android devices only, but if you still want to run it on your PC or Mac, then you can use Android emulator like BlueStacks, Nox, and Memu, etc.

  • First, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC or Mac.
  • And then you download this application from this URL. (
  • After the file is downloaded, you should right-click on the file and select “Open with Bluesstacks.”
  • Install the app and click on the app icon to launch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-Is using the USTV app free?

Ans- Yes, you do not have to pay a single penny to use it, this application is absolutely free.

Q- Which device does USTV APK support?

Ans- It supports all Android devices and we have given some names like:

  1. FireStick, fire TV
  2. Android smart TV
  3. Ruko
  4. NVIDIA Shield
  5. Android TV box
  6. Kodi android box
  7. Android smartphone
  8. Android smartwatch.
  9. Fire Cube.

Q- Can we install this application on our iPhone?

Ans- I have already told you that it is available only and only on Android devices, that is why you cannot get this application on your iPhone.

Q- Is this application completely safe from viruses and how do we protect it from viruses?

Ans- Yes, it is safe that we always scan here before launching.

Q- How to download this application USTV?

Ans- It is very easy to download it, you can download it easily from the download page and you will not have any problem

Q- Do we need a VPN to use USTV?

Ans- If you want to protect your privacy then you should always use a VPN which is good for your safety.

Q – Is this application also ad-free?

Ans- No, this application is not ad-free, there is an ad in it, so maybe you will have some problem watching your favorite channels.


USTV APK is one of the latest video streaming applications available on the Internet because in this single application you have all new movies and TV shows and many live channels and web shows that you can enjoy on your smartphone. With USTV, watch your favorite content at home with your friends and family without paying advertisements or money.

In this, you also have the option to choose your favorite languages ​​and there are many languages ​​available in it. This application is available in two versions, one is paid and the other is absolutely free. And in the paid version you have 4k content and it is absolutely ad-free. And we have also given a link below to download this application so that you can easily download it.


FMWhatsApp APK 8.12 Download Latest Version (Official) 2020 Free

[toc]If we talk about WhatsApp mode, there are many options available but FMWhatsApp APK is one of the best. FMWhatsApp has long been a very popular app, one of the oldest WAMOD.

FMWhatsApp Apk

In this tutorial, we will give you a link to download it and will also tell you about its feature and will also give information about how to install it and we will give you much important information related to it so that you can use this application There is no problem to do.

What is FMWhatsApp?

It is one of the best communication applications which is the best-modified version of WhatsApp so far and it is an Android application and FMWhatsApp also uses the same server as the server officially used. Like we all know that WhatsApp is used by everyone nowadays but it also has many users. And it is still in trend. This application allows its users to communicate through text, audio and video. There are many people who use it to grow their business. Despite being an important application it needs a lot of features.

What are the Features of FMWhatsApp?

App Lock

App LockAs you all know and we have also told you that official WhatsApp has a lot of basic security features, otherwise you may have a problem later but on the contrary, it is nothing like this with FMWhatsApp. It is very safe. . And in addition, it also provides you the app lock feature which you can use to lock your WhatsApp and keep your apps safe. This FMWhatsApp application has various types of lock systems such as Pattern, Finger Print and Pin Lock facility which you do not need to download any separate application to use it.

Privacy Features

Privacy FeaturesAnother special feature of this is that there are many people who need some privacy for their WhatsApp like many people who want to hide their presence but it is impossible because if you use WhatsApp It cannot be, but it gives you some privacy that you can hide such as online status, and double tick, single tick, recording and text status You can hide it.

There are other privacy settings that we have given below, you can see them and all these are also very useful for you:

  • Hide blue microphone
  • Hide recording
  • Show blue tick after your reply
  • Hide recording
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide blue microphone
  • Hide Typing…
  • Hide blue tick

Select Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Privacy >>

Call filter

Call filterA special feature of the FMWhatsApp application is also its call filter through which you can call your selected numbers and there is a special thing that with the help of this you can filter your contacts which people you can call.

Pin Chat

Pin ChatFMWA allows you to pin 3 chats for fast access, such as if you want to pin your important chat, this feature is very useful for us to access fast.

Media Sharing

Media SharingThe best feature of this application is that you can share up to 700 MB of storage files through it. And on this Whatsapp, you can share files up to 25 MB. If you have to share any big files, then you can take help of this application.


YOThemesWhatsapp has only one theme which is installed by default, you cannot change it but you will get different types of different themes in this FMWhatsApp which you can easily choose.

If you want to use its YOthemes, then let us tell you how you can use this feature.

  • First you have to go to the Fouad settings and then click on the option of YOthemes, then you can download the theme of your choice from there.

Group settings

settingsGroup Settings is a very cool feature that you can use to add more users, but you can add up to a limited number of members such as WhatsApp has 250 members and in FMWhatsApp you can add up to 500 members. There is a special feature.


UpdateYou do not need to download it again and again to update it, you just have to download this application once and then when an update comes, you can see it in the Fouad setting and update it.

FMWhatsApp APK 8.12 Info

  • App name FMWhatsApp
  • Version 8.12
  • APK size 53 MB
  • Android version 4.4+ required
  • Developer Fouad Mod
  • Category Communication
  • Updated 12th November 2019
  • Install 10,000,000+
  • Content Rating Rated for 12+
  • Join Us Telegram

How to download FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

If you want to download the FMWhatsApp APK file in your Android smartphone, then it is very easy, just by following our steps below, you will be able to download this FMWhatsApp APK file:

FMWhatsApp Apk

  • First, you need to go to the download page
  • And then you will see the download button, you have to click on it and then you have to wait till it is downloaded.

We have given a link below to download the latest version of FMWhatsApp Apk:

How to Install FMWhatsApp APK?

  1. If you want to install this application, first of all, you will have to back up your WhatsApp chat if you do not even know how to backup then you should follow our following steps properly:
  • First of all, you have to open your Whatsapp and then you will see 3 dots on the right side, you have to click on it.
  • After that you will see an option of Settings, you have to click on it.
  • Then you will see a chat option, you have to click on it.
  • Then you will see a chat backup option at the bottom, you have to click on it.
  • After that you will see a backup button, you have to click on it and then you have to wait for some time to complete the latest backup.
  1. If you want to install this application on your smartphone then, first of all, you have to enable Unknown sources in your smartphone. If you do not know this, then you can enable Unknown sources by following our given steps:
  • First, you have to go to the setting.
  • Then you have to click on security.
  • Then click on it to enable unknown sources.
  1. Now click on the FM WhatsApp APK file to start installing the application on Android phone.
  2. Now you have to click on the install button.
  3. And then you have to wait for a few seconds
  4. And then you have to click on the open button to launch this application.
  5. You will see two buttons: “Restore” and “Agree and continue”, click “Agree and continue”.
  6. Now you have to enter your phone number and then click on “Copy Whatsapp Data.”
  7. Now you will find a restore button on the restore page, you have to click on it.
  8. When it is fully restored, then the home page of Whatsapp will open, then you will see a Fouad Mods option in the menu and then you can click on it and customize the app as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

Ans: There is not much special difference between these two, it is basically WhatsApp itself and both are also used to the same. Just the difference between these two is their features like we are free from restrictions by FMWhatsApp. And if you need this application, then you can download the latest version of this application from our website and use it.

Q: Can we use these two applications simultaneously in our device?

Ans: Yes, you can use both applications simultaneously and you can also use the same device, just to verify them you will need two different phone numbers for both the applications.

Q: Can we use FMWhatsApp application in the iOS supported device?

Ans: No, the iOS version of FMWhatsApp has not yet hit the market.


We have mentioned all the information related to this application in this article above and along with this, we have also mentored its features. This application is for everyone, especially for young people and businessmen and is very useful for all types of people.

Home Improvement

Improve The Overall Look Of Your Garden With This Helpful Advice.

Taking a step into the wondrous and green land of organic gardening for the very first time might feel a tad bit intimidating, but by keeping the helpful tips listed below in mind, you will soon find yourself growing organic plants on par with some of the best organic gardeners in the field.

Wait for the right moment if you plan on dividing a plant. Leave perhaps two years to grow and divide it at the end of the season when it looks at its best. If your plant shows signs of diseases or has areas with fewer leaves and flowers than others, it is too late.

Don’t assume that insects are to blame for all plants ailments. There are many things that can affect the health of a plant. The PH of the water you are using, the location of the plant (under shade vs direct sun), the amount of soil in the pot and several other reasons can be a determining factor.

Water your potted herbs! Keep potted herbs well watered, but don’t over-water, which is a common mistake. Sage, thyme, rosemary and tarragon aren’t that bothered by a somewhat dry environment. On the other hand, mint, chives and parsley require constant moisture. Make sure that the container has adequate drainage holes, and place a layer of gravel in the base of the pot as a drainage layer. This ensures that the water doesn’t flow straight out.

An excellent way to store the goodies from a homegrown garden is to freeze them in small batches. Using small sealable plastic bags and cutting small amounts of fresh vegetables every few days will help store the extras from the garden. Just bag and toss in the freezer and the packets can be added at any time to soups and pastas year round.

Protect your plants from moisture on a daily basis. Parasites are attracted to the moisture on plants. Fungi are a very common and irritating pest in the world of gardening. Be sure to prevent the growth of fungus with a spray that will inhibit their growth.

Make sure you read the labels on any weedkillers or pesticides that you use in your garden. Follow the directions closely. Using too much of a chemical can be dangerous to your health and the health of your garden. Failing to read the label might also mean that you get the wrong chemical for the problem that you’re having, polluting the ground around your garden for no reason.

To make sure you don’t accidentally dig up bulbs in the following year, mark them with twigs. They should stay in place over the winter, and will be an easy reminder when you’re planting new things in the spring. This is especially nice because you don’t have to buy anything beforehand. Just grab some nearby twigs and put them in place.

Hang shiny silver objects throughout your garden. These can act as natural pest deterrents; no need for chemicals. The reflections can disorient flying pests such as aphids that require the sun to direct their flight, and may frighten off larger pests such as birds, and even rabbits or deer.

You should keep your seeds damp without drowning them in water. Spray water over the soil to keep it moist, and place the pots or trays in which you have your seeds in water so that the soil can absorb the water. Make sure you replace the water in which your pots are standing regularly.

Install a fan to blow on your seeds. Make sure your fan is turned on a very low setting. This light touch will help your plants grow stronger. You can also stroke your plants very lightly with your hand or a piece of paper for a few hours to get the same effect.

Do not get rid of weeds by pulling them. This takes you a lot of time and they might grow back. If you notice an area with a lot of weeds, take a shovel and dig under it. Turn the soil over so that the weeds feed your seeds like manure would.

Go on and plant more trees. Trees are some of the best choices of things to grow in your landscape. They provide shade, moisture retention, and food for your compost every fall. Trees also add a great deal to your property values, more than any other plant you can put in your yard.

When maintaining an organic garden, be sure to always wind up your hoses. Dragging and storing a hose that is not wound up can take a lot of time away from you. Try using stationary or portable hose reels to wind up your hoses and to save you some time.

So, after reading and applying the helpful tips listed above, you should feel a bit more at ease in the land of organic gardening. You have the tools, and it’s time to use them. You should feel excited and ready to begin your organic gardening adventure to grow healthier organic produce.


Roku and Amazon Fire TV Are Using Your Data More Than You Think

Consumer Reports has explored the security and privacy of several well-known streaming devices. It is with great astonishment that they have discovered that all smart TVs can collect and share different information about their users.  A recent study found that several streaming devices send data to Facebook, Google, Amazon, and even some applications that were not even installed on your device. Other research has been done on steep devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Striking data came in, with approximately 69% of Roku channels and 89% of Amazon Fire TV channels watching what their users watch. It is well known from news articles that Roku made more money from advertising than from hardware sales itself. Unlike search engines and individual mobile apps, you don’t have many options for blocking ads. It’s just that the whole system is designed so you can’t figure out what data is being collected and you don’t have many options to prevent it.

To try to restrict the collection of personal information on these streaming devices, you can go to settings and then to privacy settings. Click on the setting to disable application data collection and see results. If you have Roku channels, press the home button and then the privacy setting and from there, uncheck the TV user info tag. You should also know that be sure to turn off the TV’s microphones and cameras. It would be a good idea to secure the camera and cover it with some black paper just in case.

Be prepared for that too for example, if the ad volume reaches its limit, ad tracking would stop on individual Roku channels and prevent user identity from being sent, but other channels can still send users’ serial numbers regardless of what you set in the settings and want to prevent. Researchers have also come to the simple discovery that Roku channels are totally unnecessary and an unfair program with privacy protection problems. On the contrary, since it was introduced, it gives them an easy opportunity to contact various sites regardless. Another very interesting fact was noted, on Roku channels when settings are off they contact 96 tracker domains and in other cases where even more 128 are turned on. On Fire Tv, the situation is slightly different. Data protection exists in part, and sharing is much reduced on certain channels only. They leave it to each channel individually to set the rules themselves instead of introducing a universal one that all channels should respect equally.

An Amazon spokesman once said, in defense, that when shoppers take down ads, they require app developers not to use user profile IDs for advertising purposes. He also said that they require all existing applications that collect personal information from Fire TV users to provide a privacy notice that would reveal to them what information is being collected, by whom and for what purposes they are using it. Not all collections are known to be directly associated with an ID, since services must differentiate users to serve content.

The main things we realized are that any countermeasures do not apply at all because there are always other options available on these devices, even if one device sends them away, others do the work instead, said one of the great Princeton researchers.  The truth is, if you manage to prevent your device from collecting all sorts of information about you, your activity such as what you like to watch and how long it is unfortunately otherwise, hidden, can be linked to be used.

 No matter how small and harmless your screening devices may seem, be aware of the dangers they may cause you. Unfortunately, no device in this world that does not have this problem. Mobile, television and others are all programmed and based on population monitoring. So it is quite clear that by some miracle they will not behave differently. At this point it is practically impossible to do or change anything on this issue. Certainly countermeasures should be supported by policies and regulations to ensure that viewer information is kept private. Eventually, various consumers who are not comfortable with this type of monitoring could join forces and try to organize a congress to solve these problems.


8 Countries That Let You Drive With An Indian Driving License

Taking Road trips are frequently overpowering, and driving on worldwide streets, with a GPS or guide has the sort of appeal, which you’d presumably not find in some other experience! Also, why not, driving is the perfect method to travel and investigate a nation. 

Self-drive occasions in outside nations is the most recent anger for Indian travelers. Likewise, Films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Chahta Hai make the possibility of a remote excursion considerably all the more engaging. Fortunately, in the event that you are an Indian and need to self-drive in these nations, things are not so troublesome any longer. While trying to support the travel industry, numerous nations are currently permitting Indians to drive with an Indian driving permit . This spares you from the greatest cerebral pain and bother of getting a global permit. You can take breaks when you need to, wait longer at well known areas or make a brisk escape to the following goal. Because of the expanding interest for Self-drive, offices for leasing a vehicle out is accessible all over the place. For self-drive occasions, the US, western Europe and New Zealand are the most well known nations. Visit these nations with copa airlines booking.

One of our regarded visitors Mr Kedar Verma employed a vehicle on his special first night in the US early this year. Driving on the expressway from San Francisco to Las Vegas was a fantasy worked out as expected for him. 

Here’s a rundown of top nations where you can drive off with your Indian driving permit: 

1. France 

An Indian driving permit will be legitimate in France given a French interpretation of the equivalent is conveyed along. The permit will be legitimate for one year and you’ll be driving on the correct roadside. France has consistently been perhaps the most sultry goal for the vacationers from all sides of the world. The social center point of Europe and the nation of wine offers some wonderful streets and locales and wide open to pass through. Along these lines, when you plan an outing to France, recall France visa preparing is one of the fastest among all schengen nations. 

2. The United States of America (USA) 

You are permitted to drive in the US with an Indian driving permit for as long as a year. The permit must be in English and legitimate. The US specialists likewise require a duplicate of the I-94 structure, which makes reference to the date of section in the US. 

The USA is best investigated while passing through it. It has a portion of the hypnotizing scenes. Plan your course around the US ahead of time and exploit what the US brings to the table. An Indian national who wishes to enter the United States should initially get a US Visa from the US Embassy in India. 

3. Germany 

You can pass through Germany with your Indian driving permit for a half year, yet before that remember to interpret it in German. The nation accompanies the right hand drive rule. Germany without a doubt resembles the paradise for speed sweethearts as it is the country of Autobahn. While investigating the lovely areas around, you can release your internal child on the Autobahn for one boundless expedient drive. In the event that you need to visit Germany, you should have a sound itinerary set up. There is such a great amount to see and do, that without an arrangement you could pass up a great opportunity. Trust our Germany visa Experts to deal with all your visa stresses. 

4. Australia 

You can drive in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory for 3 months with your legitimate Indian permit. Here you drive on the left half of the street. Australia has the absolute most lovely territories on the planet, which can be investigated by passing through the stunning scene of the nation. Lasseter roadway in the northern region of the nation is one of most alluring streets to drive in Australia. Remember to go through the outback, one of the most unforgiving spots on earth. 

5. Incredible Britain 

With a legitimate Indian driving permit and an Indian visa, you can drive around England, Scotland and Wales. You can lease a vehicle for a time of one year and you should ensure you lease the correct class of vehicles allowed by you permit. This nation accompanies its own Autobahn, which is Isle of Man, which doesn’t have any speed limit. The nation has a few delightful areas all around the corners thus, an excursion to Great Britain should be on your rundown.

In case you’re arranging an undertaking to the UK, contingent upon your nationality and your explanation behind visiting, you may need to compose a UK Visa. Get your United Kingdom visa prepared rapidly and effectively with Akbar Travels. We’re here to assist you with getting the visa you have to take your outing. 

6. New Zealand 

New Zealand offers one year of heading to the Indian driving permit holders, however the driver must be at any rate 21 years of age. The nation accompanies the left hand drive rule. New Zealand may be a little nation, however it comes brimming with extraordinary areas to pass through. Driving from Thames to Coromandel street in the nation is an enchanting encounter for any driver. 

Venturing out abroad to New Zealand can be energizing. It likewise requires a great deal of preparation of time. One of the most significant things you’ll require for your outing is a New Zealand Visa. Try not to have the visa yet? Don’t worry about it. Get one at this point! 

7. Switzerland 

Like France, you can drive in Switzerland in the event that you have the official interpretation of the Indian driving permit. You’ll get a grant of driving for one year. Surely, portrayed as the most excellent nation in Europe, Switzerland brags some of the best scenes on the planet. The nation offers some mind blowing perspective on Alps. 

The lovely streams, endless extended lengths are heaven for travelers. Get motivated for a driving voyage through Switzerland and permit our Experts to design your much-anticipated excursion to Switzerland. On the off chance that you are intending to visit the nation of Switzerland, you might be required to apply for a Switzerland visa heretofore. 

8. Norway 

Norway also offers self-drive opportunities on an Indian driver’s permit. Be that as it may, its legitimacy is as long as a quarter of a year from the date of passage. The nation accompanies the right hand drive rule. The place where there is 12 PM sun accompanies a lot of dazzling geographic areas. You can generally investigate the well known fjords, lovely Norwegian towns, cascades by passing through the Scandinavian nation. An excursion in Norway is a pail list for some. Fortunately driving in Norway is an astonishing encounter – in truth we tell every one of our visitors who visit Norway that they need to consider an excursion when arranging an outing to Norway. 

Get enlivened to design a see the sights or simply appreciate finding the absolute most delightful driving courses on the planet. Delta airlines contact number makes you arrange the ideal excursion you had always wanted that will remain in your souls for eternity.