Best 5 Android Apps For Casual Poker

Mobile entertainment can be tricky to monitor. Over the last 12 or 13 years, app stores have expanded to the point at which we have virtually innumerable ways to keep ourselves amused. For this simple reason, it’s helpful now and then to take some time to narrow down the best options in a given category (as you may have seen done here previously with regard to apps for playing movies).

The process can be even trickier when it comes to gaming, simply because it’s such a vast category of mobile entertainment. But you can often find some of the best games (the ones you’ll actually want to keep on your phone) by narrowing things down into specific genres. In this post we’ll do just that concerning some of the best Android apps for casual poker games.


Appeak is just what a lot of people are looking for in a mobile poker app. It has a large enough player base that it’s always easy to find a live game. The gameplay and interface are simple, and lack the distracting clutter of some other digital poker experiences. And players are given 7,000 in-game “coins” per day, making it easy to keep betting play money without running out too quickly. There’s no exciting, unique feature to point to, but Appaek is a simple, straightforward mobile poker experience a lot of people will appreciate.

World Series of Poker

For those seeking a more in-depth experience akin to real-money gaming, the competition factor with this app may appeal. Online poker with real money at stake can be complex, tense, and gripping — to the point that winning can even require “more study work” than for in-person games, as one beginners’ poker guide put it. In this post, we’re focusing exclusively on casual, free poker apps, which inherently lack some of that competitive tension. But World Series of Poker arguably does the best job of simulating the “real” poker experience. Millions of players, free play-money chips every few hours, and massive game variety make it feel like you’ve stepped right into the world of high-stakes online poker.


Zynga is basically an alternative to World Series of Poker. It’s another app with a gigantic base of players, satisfying game variety, and a professional approach. It’s also been recognized as a reliable, popular poker game on several different platforms for years now. What sets Zynga apart from World Series of Poker in the end though is that it’s a little bit more playful. The game depends more on fun graphics and social activity between players. Some may find this more enjoyable than World Series of Poker’s marginally more serious approach.

Offline Poker

About 15 years ago, a PC poker game called Stacked (with Daniel Negreanu) was arguably the most popular poker video game on the market. What set it apart was that it was an entirely offline game in which you could play through a career against AI. As one review for the game stated, this made it the best measuring stick for poker ability, because it didn’t involve the randomness of online opponents. You could witness your own improvement against steady AI competition. There’s nothing quite like Stacked on the market today, but the Offline Poker app (which is just what it sounds like) excels for the same reason. For those who just like to play poker and want to improve — but care less about the online multiplayer side of thins — it’s well worth checking out.

Poker Heat

Often highlighted for its fluid and active animations, Poker Heat is basically the exciting choice. That’s not to say it’s ultimately more thrilling or fulfilling than the others. But if you like the louder and gaudier side of mobile gaming, Poker Heat will satisfy those sensory needs. It almost adds a sense of action to what is otherwise a regular poker gaming experience. That’s more appealing to some gamers than others, but it certainly makes Poker Heat another interesting option to consider.


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