BlackBerry Looks for Indonesian Women who are IT experts

BlackBerry is looking for Wanitas candidates from Indonesia who have academic achievements and understand the ins and outs of the IT world, especially in the mobile computing industry. BlackBerry will choose ten women who will get full scholarships from BlackBerry to study for four years at an accredited local tertiary institution, and develop a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Why woman? BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys revealed that not many women were involved in the field of science and technology, and BlackBerry felt confident that it was time to push for change. Encourage Women to be involved in a career in science and technology.

Other reasons besides wanting to encourage more women to be involved in the field of science and technology, BlackBerry also wants to “Reply Budi” to Women. More than 55% of BlackBerry customers are women. BlackBerry aims to win a generation of women leaders in their efforts to achieve their ambitions in this highly competitive industry, Alicia Keys said in an email received deficient today.


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