Complete Guide for Pikdo Instagram Viewer

Hola! In this blog we will be knowing and discussing about Pikdo Instagram viewer as there are many people who are not aware what Pikdo is and that is why we have prepared this blog for such people too. The Pikdo is a sort of instagram viewer application which allows the users to know how … Read more

Hashtag Finally Comes to Facebook

From now on, Facebook users will no longer have difficulty finding and following a particular conversation topic. This happens because the hashtag feature or commonly known as a hashtag (hashtag #) is present on Facebook. Actually, rumors of the emergence of a feature to organize a conversation topic on Facebook have appeared since last March and … Read more

Twitter Test Analytics Features for Users

Twitter spokeswoman Wednesday (13/6) local time confirmed that Twitter was indeed “experimenting” by holding an analysis feature for more users, but refused to provide further details about the analysis features. “We are experimenting with presenting analytics features for small groups of users outside our advertising clients,” a Twitter spokeswoman told Mashable. “We are quite happy with … Read more

Hashtags Present on Facebook’s Mobile Web

After launching the hashtag feature (#) or what we are familiar with hashtags to the desktop version of Facebook, Facebook now also has a hashtag feature to Facebook users from a Mobile device. So from now on, Facebook users who access Facebook from mobile devices can also experience the hashtag feature and search for a specific … Read more