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The 7 essentials for a bow stalking in the pyrenees

Hunting with bow in the mountains is a great challenge for any archer, the success of it will depend on many factors, but the correct choice of the equipment that we are going to carry will make things much easier for us.


I am in favor of using fast and powerful bows for hunting, as long as we have full control of it, since it is useless for our projectile to arrive with a lot of speed and energy if we are not able to put it in place.

For mountain hunting these two factors are an advantage, since most of the shots tend to be longer than we would like, between 40 and 80 meters.

In this case, the arc used is a pulley arch of 87 ibs of power, with 29 ”of opening, 32” between axles and 7 ”of fismel, which launches the arrows at more than 350 fps, about 106 meters per second.


The choice of the arrow is the same or more complex than that of the ammunition of our rifles, due to the quantity and variety of models, calibers, materials and finishes, which will be complemented by the wide range of hunting tips and feathers that exist in the market.

In my case I am using a 5 mm diameter 300 caliber carbon arrow with a helical feathered , the Bohning Archery X Vanes , and a double-edged mechanical hunting tip that remains closed during flight and, on impact with the animal , its blades open ensuring a perfect flight with a large cutting diameter.

The total weight of the arrow is 490 gn, keeping the energy-flush binomial fairly balanced.


I use a 0.10 monopin viewfinder with a mobile cart that allows me to adjust the shooting distance meter by meter, giving a lot of definition and precision in medium and long shots; This viewfinder also allows me to put a magnifying lens widely used in competition, offering a better view of the objective.


It is doll, from the French brand Arc Systeme .

Operated by a trigger with the index finger, the advantage of this trigger is the good fit it offers to the anatomy of each archer’s hand.


It is a drop, which ensures a clean exit from the arrow without any part of the material rubbing and can influence its flight.


They are mixed, derived from the competition, being able to personalize them with different weights at their end for better thrust of the bow until achieving a good balance of forces that, together with a good shooting technique, offers me a lot of confidence.


Camouflage clothing is essential when putting yourself at the right distance.

There are currently high-quality technical clothing on the market.

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BlackBerry Looks for Indonesian Women who are IT experts

BlackBerry is looking for Wanitas candidates from Indonesia who have academic achievements and understand the ins and outs of the IT world, especially in the mobile computing industry. BlackBerry will choose ten women who will get full scholarships from BlackBerry to study for four years at an accredited local tertiary institution, and develop a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Why woman? BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys revealed that not many women were involved in the field of science and technology, and BlackBerry felt confident that it was time to push for change. Encourage Women to be involved in a career in science and technology.

Other reasons besides wanting to encourage more women to be involved in the field of science and technology, BlackBerry also wants to “Reply Budi” to Women. More than 55% of BlackBerry customers are women. BlackBerry aims to win a generation of women leaders in their efforts to achieve their ambitions in this highly competitive industry, Alicia Keys said in an email received deficient today.

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18 Language Support Present in Google Drive

Google has just added 18 new language support for the web version of its cloud storage service, Google Drive. This also applies to Google Docs Sheets and Slides services.

New languages ​​added by Google include African, Amharic, Basque, Chinese (Hong Kong), Estonian, French (Canadian), Galician, Icelandic, Khmer, Laos, Malaysian, Nepali, Persian, Sinhala, Spanish (Latin American), Swahili, Urdu, and Zulu. With the addition of 18 of these languages, Google Drive is now recorded in 65 languages.

To switch to a different language in Google Drive, you can simply enter the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then selecting “Settings” and selecting a new language in the “general” section. To change the language in Google Drive for the mobile version, You must open the language settings on the device you are using.

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iOS 7 May Be Present with Further Integration into LinkedIn

A recent report reveals that iOS 7 might come with further integration with LinkedIn like integration with Facebook and Twitter that are already present on iOS 6.

9to5Mac reports, the source code in iOS 7 beta for developers contains references to the LinkedIn single sign-on system similar to those used for Twitter and Facebook. With integration into LinkedIn, users only need to log in to the service once, and they will be able to share content directly to the service from either Safari or other applications (such as camera roll).

The further integration of iOS 7 with LinkedIn might become apparent considering this service gets the same treatment on OS X Mavericks. LinkedIn will be one of the “share sheets” on OS X 10.9, allowing users to share content from the Safari browser and other Apple applications such as Photo Booth.

According to the developer who initially found the code reference, some of the code needed to complete the integration is still missing. This makes us ask, why is it not present in the iOS 7 beta for developers. That could mean Apple is still finishing its finishing or hasn’t reached an agreement with LinkedIn to integrate the business-oriented social networking service.

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Focus On Yahoo Search, Yahoo Close Altavista Search Engine Starting Next Week

Before the emergence of popular search engines that we often use today, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, there is a search engine that is quite popular, namely Altavista. Launched in 1995. Altavista became a very popular search engine, but shortly when Google was launched and other large companies followed Google’s steps by creating their own search engine, AltaVista quickly began to collapse. And the latest news, Yahoo (which has AltaVista) will turn off the classic search engine on 8 July.

Yahoo said that they closed AltaVista to “sharpen” their focus on new products, and the company asked AltaVista users (if they still exist) to start using Yahoo Search, and the AltaVista URL would automatically redirect to Yahoo Search.

AltaVista was acquired by Yahoo in 2003 after becoming the exclusive provider of search results for Yahoo starting in 1996, and Altavista is a search engine that is far more advanced than the search engines that existed in the mid 90s when it was able to index more than 20 million at that time. website, thanks to the innovative “crawler” web technology. Of course, that’s not so revolutionary anymore, because most big search engines have quite a number of types of technology they use.

The closing of AltaVista is just one example of the various steps to close some of Yahoo’s recently announced services. Many users are disappointed over several other service closures that have occurred at the company. FoxyTunes and Yahoo RSS Alerts were closed yesterday, and Neighbors Beta, and Downloads Beta and Local API will also be closed later this month.

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Garuda Indonesia Tests Inflight WiFi on Boeing 777-300ER

The news of the presence of WiFi features on airplanes actually has appeared since last year midterm. Several leading airlines in the world began to compete to bring internet access via WiFi (inflight WiFi) to their service users. They are competing to make the passengers comfortable traveling by airplane and can keep working and being connected to the internet while on the plane. United Airlines is one of the airlines that has implemented Inflight WiFi on several of their aircraft.

On Saturday (06/7) yesterday, one of the number one airlines in Indonesia, namely Garuda Indonesia, did a flight demo or joy flight with the sophisticated Boeing 777-300ER. Joy flight is done by flying a plane from Jakarta to Denpasar. Not only trying out the latest series of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, the flight demo also tested Inflight WiFi for Garuda Indonesia’s fleet.

In the test flight, 8 people from the Communication and Information Team took part in testing and checking the Inflight WiFi feature on Garuda aircraft. The team is led directly by Gunarto, Head of the Sub Directorate of Postel Implementation of the Directorate of Standardization and Equipment of the Directorate General of SDPPI. In addition there were also representatives from the Ministry of Transportation and PT Telkom.

During the joy flight from Jakarta – Denpasar, the team conducted physical testing and checking of the device, measuring the signal to the access point and its cellular pico BTS on GSM 1800. All devices tested were functioning properly. At the time of testing, the use of WiFi on board did not cause interference, both interference with the cockpit communication channel and the use of other frequency channels.

Even though the results of the Inflight WiFi test on the Boeing 777-300ER are going well, it does not mean that the use of WiFi is also permitted on other types of aircraft owned by PT Garuda Indonesia, because to bring the Inflight WiFi feature on a fleet or other aircraft, comprehensive testing is still needed.

In the use of the Inflight WiFi feature, telecommunications services in the form of voice are not yet permitted, even when testing can have a telephone conversation. This entirely depends on the decision of the management of PT Garuda Indonesia. Wifi-based services that may be used include internet browsing, social networks, e-mail and instant messaging.