Delete Your Snapchat Account

How to delete your Snapchat account – Secure ways in 2023?

Snapchat is a popular app among many people, but you have decided not to use it any longer for several reasons. Maybe you’re bored with Snapchat, want to cut down on how much time you spend on your phone, or don’t have any Snapchat buddies. Using the Snapchat desktop client, you can delete your Snapchat account.

The topic of how to erase a Snapchat account occurs in our minds. When you complete all of the procedures required to remove Snapchat, your account will be permanently erased after 30 days.

Your Snapchat account will be deactivated during this time. Re-login to your Snapchat account if your mind changes. You will regain access to your account in this manner.

You must remember your Snapchat account’s username and password. Make sure you’ve preserved your data, such as photographs and videos, before you delete your Snapchat account. Because you will lose all of your photos and videos if you remove your Snapchat account.

We’ll show you how to erase your Snapchat account in this article.

Delete Your Snapchat Account

Why Should I Delete Snapchat?

Snapchat’s filters, lenses, and stickers will keep you entertained for a long time. These shots vanish in a matter of seconds. Snapchat became well-known and popular as a result of this approach. App developers, internet service providers, and telecom corporations, on the other hand, can follow and sell your data to third parties. Only a VPN can keep your important information safe and prevent third parties from accessing it.

The privacy of user data is incredibly important to a social media network, particularly Snapchat. When many users inquired about their privacy after the data harvesting scandal involving millions of Facebook users, the Snapchat team kept mute.

Snapchat introduced a new feature called App Stories in 2019. This function allows you to publish content from your camera, such as photos or videos, to the ‘Story.’ The individuals you added to Snapchat as friends can see your storey.

Deactivating Vs Deleting

There is a distinction to be made between deactivating and deleting your Snapchat account. Your account will be deactivated for 30 days once you’ve completed all of the deletion steps. If your mind changes, simply use your login and password to reactivate your account. It’s possible that reactivation will take some time.

Your account, together with its settings, snaps, narrative, chats, device data, and location, will be completely erased after 30 days, and you will not be able to restore it. For security and regulatory reasons, they may keep some data in their user database.

Snapchat Privacy Policy

Snapchat saves three different sorts of data:

  • The information you give Snapchat when you use the app.
  • Information gathered while using Snapchat, such as location, logs, and so on.
  • Information collected from third parties, such as other users’ contact lists, information from advertisers, and information from third-party apps.

Steps to Perform Before Deleting your Snapchat Account

Make sure you’ve downloaded all of your data, including account information, profile data, snap history, login history, location history, and search history, before you deactivate Snapchat. But how do you get your Snapchat data?

To get the Snapchat data, go to

  • Log in to Snapchat’s website with your username and password.
  • Select “My Data” and “Submit Request”.

Snapchat will send you an email with a link to download your data when it is ready. To download your data, follow the instructions on the link.

How to Delete Snapchat Account on Laptop?

  • Go to the Snapchat account portal and input the account’s username or email address, as well as the password.
  • Select “Delete My Account”.
  • To permanently delete your Snapchat account, re-enter your username and password and click “Continue.”

Your pals won’t be able to reach you on Snapchat until you’ve completed the process. Your Snapchat account will be deactivated for 30 days instead of being destroyed right now. Your login information can be used to reactivate your account. Reactivating your Snapchat account takes roughly 24 hours.

You should also be aware of some hidden features on other social networking platforms.

How to Delete Snapchat on your iPhone Or Android?

  • Go to your Snapchat account and sign in.
  • Access your account by logging in.
  • Tap your avatar in the upper left corner.
  • Go to the upper right corner and select settings.
  • Various options will show under the assistance heading. To access the Help Center, you must first click on it.
  • Select My Account and Security from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Account Information from the drop-down option.
  • Select Delete My Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Carefully read the instructions.
  • In the text, click the Account Portal link.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • You must re-enter your account and password.

If you click continue, your Snapchat account will be deactivated for 30 days. If you wish to reactivate it, you must login to your account within 30 days. Reactivating the account takes roughly 24 hours.

Some FAQs Related Deleting Snapchat Account

What Happens if you Delete Snapchat Account?

After 30 days, your account will be terminated if you have completed all deletion requirements. Your friends will not be able to contact or communicate with you on Snapchat during this time.

The account will be permanently destroyed after 30 days, along with all of your chats, snaps, stories, device data, friends list, and location data.

Can Someone See Old Snapchat Messages?

The messages were wiped from Snapchat’s server as soon as the recipient read them, according to the company. Messages that have been read cannot be retrieved.

How Many Reports Does it take to Delete a Snapchat Account?

A minimum of three reports are necessary to remove a Snapchat account. If you report an account, the social media professionals will look into it and observe its activities to discover what’s going on. They will delete an account if they detect something improper or abusive in it.

Deactivate your Snapchat account temporarily

For a period of 30 days, your Snapchat account can be terminated. If you do not sign in to your account within this time frame, your account will be permanently erased, along with all of your data.

How Do I Find Out if Someone Has Deleted Their Snapchat?

Take a few snaps with your Snapchat camera. To send the picture to your friend, click the send arrow. Below the person’s username, you can see their snap status. The arrow in front of the username will turn grey if the status appears to be “pending” and never delivered. It indicates that the user has deactivated their account.


To wrap things up, here’s a summary of what we’ve talked about. I’d like to point out that Snapchat is a fun app. Using the app’s many filters, we can take photographs. We can also share the snaps to our friends or include this snap-in in our tale so that it is visible to our friends. As we all know, we live in a technological age where our every online behaviour is being tracked.

Every website we visit, every device we purchase, and every programme we use, for example. As we all know, social networking apps keep user data in their databases in some way. As a result, protecting user data privacy is more crucial than anything else.

Every programme does its utmost to ensure users that their data will be kept private, yet risks still exist. So, if you don’t feel safe on Snapchat and have decided to delete your account, follow the instructions outlined in this post. Before you delete your Snapchat account, make sure you preserve all of your data.

I hope the information provided was helpful and that you now know how to delete your SnapChat account.


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