Distance Detection: Sensing The Distance Perfectly

The distance detecting technology helps figure out the distance of one person from another without any physical touch. Although the distance sending equipment appears simple at the primary level, the principles turn complex when different technologies factor in.

Technologies to understand:

The global pandemic has brought in a wide range of changes in human life, and people need to turn those changes into habits. So, here comes the social distancing sensor that helps people remember how it is essential to maintain a distance from each other. When safety at work is one of the priorities in the workplace, the installation of distance sensing equipment is necessary.

Things to know about social distance detection:

Organizations can integrate distance detection with IP cameras to monitor social distancing in the workplace. The solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create real-time insights about social distancing. The distance sensing facility is fast becoming the new norm, from tracking hotpots in the workspace to making the most of spaces.

Why use social distance detection:

There COVID-19 has disturbed the balance of life to a great extent. Everyone is aware of maintaining the social distancing norms in crowded places. With standard working hours returning in various organizations, the employees and employers must comply with the safety norms. However, employers need an effective tool to track whether social distancing norms are in place.

Here are the reasons to use social distance detection devices.

  • Safety of the employees

Research reveals that over forty percent of the employees are not keen to return to the office due to a lack of safety in the workplace. To ensure the safety of the workers in offices, installing a social distance detection device is the best and is safer than thermal cameras.

  • Tracking and measuring

The distance detecting equipment is not just for offices but equally compelling for factories where employees stay close to each other. All you need is to bend the software into the security camera and track the working environment. The software monitors the workplace environment and focuses on the number of people who comply with the acceptable distance standards.

  • Identifying the hotpots

The detection software sees those areas where most crowds gather in a location or the hotspots and allows the owner to implement the most viable safety measure within the office premises.

  • Tracking the queue

In several industries, such as retail and healthcare, where people make queues, it is necessary to track the system of queuing. So, the cameras need to detect where people comply with the social distancing norms or fail to meet the guidelines.

Addressing the pandemic:

While addressing the requirements of the global pandemic in various organizations, the workplaces and factories need to think of options to contain the spread of the coronavirus. One of the safest bets to stop fresh outbreaks in places where most crowds gather is tracking the social distancing norm in offices.

  • The social distancing norms reduce the opportunity for physical contact between people.
  • When the software detects the unsafe distance between people, it creates an alert or warning to maintain a safe distance between employees.
  • If you choose appropriate distance detection equipment, it is easy to surpass the challenges and achieve 100% accuracy.
  • The corona virus spreads rapidly from one individual to another through droplets, so every organization minimizes physical contact.

The workplaces need to make the most effective use of the area available to maintain a social distance, but for the rest, it is necessary to rely on automatic tools for maintaining distance. To ensure that maximum employees and visitors comply with the safe distancing norms in the workplace, using the social distancing detection software is an excellent


The distance detection software helps in making the workplaces safer and comfortable for all.


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