Hashtag Finally Comes to Facebook

From now on, Facebook users will no longer have difficulty finding and following a particular conversation topic. This happens because the hashtag feature or commonly known as a hashtag (hashtag #) is present on Facebook.

Actually, rumors of the emergence of a feature to organize a conversation topic on Facebook have appeared since last March and were only officially announced by Facebook Wednesday (12/6) yesterday through a simple press conference. This hashtag feature will be available in stages for all Facebook users in the coming weeks.

Facebook wants to make it easier for users to find content on Facebook, and the hashtags function is their first step. According to Facebook, many users have posted hashtags, so why not make what they do work. Hashtags will be clickable and searchable, so, for example, topics like #infogeek or #geek.

Hashtags from other services, like Instagram and Twitter can be clicked too. Users will also be able to write posts directly from the hashtag feeds and search results. That can make adding real-time content to a particular stream easier than ever before.

The hashtag that we know and use on Twitter was first created in 2007 by one Twitter user named Chris Messina. Twitter finally adopted a system of organizing tweets for specific subjects into the API and broader ecosystem. Since then, hashtags have been adopted by other services, including Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and even Instagram, which now belongs to Facebook.


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