Hashtags Present on Facebook’s Mobile Web

After launching the hashtag feature (#) or what we are familiar with hashtags to the desktop version of Facebook, Facebook now also has a hashtag feature to Facebook users from a Mobile device. So from now on, Facebook users who access Facebook from mobile devices can also experience the hashtag feature and search for a specific topic using that feature.

Although the Facebook hashtag feature is present in the mobile web version of Facebook, the hashtag feature is not yet present in the native Facebook application for iOS and Android. Of course, this is not a big problem, we just need to wait for the time until Facebook presents the latest application updates that might bring the hashtag feature for iOS and Android applications. Apparently, Facebook is slow enough to present the hashtag feature to both of these mobile platforms.

Facebook also launched a related hashtag feature, a feature that allows users to view search results pages with all other related hashtags and post them at the same time. Previously, users could only search for hashtags from the search bar or click on hashtags from other services (like Facebook’s Instagram).

Twitter is a social media service that has been a pioneer of the hashtag feature, and since then many other online services have adopted the same sign, because why not? Twitter’s biggest competitor, however, is slowly coming in to use it too. Instagram has hashtag support since it was first released, and other services like Google+ and Flickr also have hashtag or hashtag features.

The hashtag or hashtag feature for the Facebook mobile web is coming in stages. When we opened Facebook, we already saw the feature and could use it. But there are some other friends who still haven’t seen the feature. Has a Geek friend seen this feature when a Geek friend accesses the Facebook mobile web? If so, let’s share what Geek’s friends think about the hashtag feature on this Facebook mobile web. Share with us via the comment form below this post.


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