How Teachers Utilize AI to Evaluate Student Performance

Artificial Intelligence has made a lot of contributions to the education system. Teaching tools have been introduced at a fast pace since the introduction of technology. With an increase in the use of online learning, the teachers are discovering new plans to teach better and the students are learning faster.

This change in the educational system has made such a positive change that schools have permanently transformed their e-learning.
Schools and colleges have now dedicated applications and websites that are specifically used for improving the learning and teaching process. Students, teachers, and administration are provided with an ID that helps you login into your educational institution’s application. These AI tools have transformed and improved the educational system.


Kahoot is a platform that allows its users to make interactive lessons and learn better with AI technology. This application has been making its mark in the world of academia by revolutionizing how students learn in a classroom. The main features of this application  are:

Interactive and creative teamwork

Teachers use this feature to assign a team with an assignment. The assignments and projects that students are being cosigned through this feature have the opportunity to communicate their progress with their teammates. They can also share files and information while working together. This feature also allows the teachers to watch over the project building in real-time. For online learning, this is a blessing.

Assessment features

Challenging tests and practice exercises are present in this application. All the teachers have to do is add in the content and the application/web generates different types of tests and assessments. The teacher doesn’t have to spend a ton of time planning and evaluating the tests. Instead, the application can help check each of the papers.

Mini mobile

The mini-mobile is a one-stop solution for all the problems of a teacher. The students are encouraged to utilize this website on their tablets and phones to increase productivity. There is a free version that has most of the important features included, but for a premium package, you receive a customized assessment program that allows you to take a test within hours. The mini-mobile is android and iPhone compatible.

Multiple Softwares

This website contains many applications that cover all the problems a teacher faces while evaluating the progress of the students. There are training sessions for teachers to improve their teaching style. Other applications have been proven to be helpful for teachers. Be it checking the individual progress of a student or grading a paper. The mini-mobile has a lot at the store, more than you can think.

STEM education

The stem education system was built for the betterment of the students but it has proved to be futuristic for the teachers as well. Since STEM guiding principle is inquiry-based learning. The teachers can help the students based on their concerns. This type of teaching also improves the analytical and strategical skills of the teachers.


Socrative is an application that allows students to learn innovatively. From kindergarten till 12 grade, the Socrative has online learning for everyone. Valuable insights and features that save students and teachers time to complete a lesson. The classroom timings reduce the workload for both students and teachers. Smart learning is better learning.

Some of the most prominent features of Socrative are:

Private video rooms

These private video rooms can be accessed remotely. The teachers can teach a lesson from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they wish. There are no limitations of location and the same goes for the students. With the help of this application, the students and teachers can connect without any external interference.

Incredible quizzes and tests

Socrative have incredibly innovative ways of making tests. The quizzes are made in a game-like manner. Instead of having a boring paper, the students are asked to take assessments in the form of a fun activity. This is the application that helps teachers construct an easy way assessment and encourages them to prepare for their papers. A sort of positive reinforcement teaching.

Coursework services

These are websites that provide students with the most perfectly written assignments, essays, and assignments. When the teachers want to reduce their workload, they can forward the research document to dissertation chapter writing services, to have it proofread. Or they can opt for literature review writing service to check for plagiarism and grammatical errors. These real-time checks can immensely decrease the amount of work the teachers do.


Their mission is to make teaching easier. They believe in enhancing the teaching style, with the help of interactive tools, content and other resources. Therefore, Nearpod has provided many assessment tools on its website to make the evaluation easier for teachers.

Interactive tools

If you want to teach in a way that is interesting for the students, then you need tools that will create engagement and interest. Interactive slides and videos are available on the website that can be easily customized according to the less. on and content you want to teach.

The visual aid reduces a teacher’s hard work, makes the lesson interesting. With animation and gamification quizzes, the teacher’s work is reduced in half. All they have to do is provide the content.

Instructional power with district license

The Nearpod can now be the face of your educational institution. You will need to get a district license and then the teachers can master new ways of teaching. With the help of new interactive teaching styles, you have a better understanding of what is working for your class and what is not. Sometimes you do not even have to find a solution, instead, you are provided with the Nearpod.

Class kick

This is an application on the Google Play store that makes teaching smoother for the instructors. The way these application works is that it provides the teachers/professors with real-time access to students assignments and essays. They can evaluate the progress and make changes along with the students. The most incredible app for those who believe in working together with the students.

Some of the most well-known features of the class kick are.

Peer helpers

This feature gives the opportunity to students to share their problems and get a solution together. This way, the one who is the most experienced gets to share their wisdom and make any homework or coursework perfect. 

These Artificial Intelligent innovations have allowed the teachers to be the best instructors, be more productive and reduce the workload.


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