How To Change Your Discord’s Name, Color & What Are Bots?

As the gaming world is enhancing day by day, discord is also growing with it. Discord is the most used app by the gamers to chat with their allies. Though most games come with an in-game voice chat system, some gamers suffer to use it because of conditions like non supported mic on the headphone for in-game voice chat. Apart from that whatever your communication is in the game will be socialized with random players which are also playing with you to complete your team.

Discord can be used to privatize your chat with your friends not only in terms of voice but you can also chat with your friends through messaging. You can create discord channels for a specific game and you can also allow access to specific person in only one of that game channel. You can also change the color of your name by yourself in a role in discord. If you are the owner of the discord channel you can give different types of roles to yourself as well as the members in your discord. You can also lock your channel so that no one can hear you who don’t have access to that channel.

Discord is also called a God for the gaming community. As it is very well optimized, there is no lag in your voice, less internet needed. You also get awesome features like integrating bot’s like name change color bot, game bot, music bot, etc. These bots are just amazing and enhance your discord using experience.

What are bots in discord?

Bots in discord are the Ai based robots that can handle a number of tasks on your behalf on discord. Bot’s can perform several tasks such as welcoming members, playing song, banning the members with disrespectful behaviour, you also get a dank memer bot and much more. Bot’s are a must to enhance your discord using experience.

Bot’s can also help members to get in touch with other members. If the owner has given roles to the member, bot’s can help them to level up.

Bot creation by discord is just the best way to enhance the user experience

How to add bots on Discord?

Adding bots to your discord server is as easy as inviting a member. To add a bot, first visit an online website or you can directly go to the creator’s website. After choosing the bot you want, click on the add bot button, you will be redirected to your discord browser application.

Note: Only the discord server owner and moderator can add bots to the discord group. You have an authorization from the owner of the server to add a bot.

Which are some famous bots? 

1.   Mee6 is the famous moderation bot used by everyone. This bot moderates chats. It automatically deletes spam chats and offensive chats by members. It also gives a ban to such types of members.

2.   Rhythm is also everyone’s favourite and famous bot. It help’s members to play a song on the discord channel. Just give a command !play “your favourite song name”.

3.    Dank memer is also a famous bot who according to its name shares memes with members which increases the server engagement and save’s the server from the verge of death! LOL!

You can also make your own bot and use it on your discord server very easily. Just go to Discord’s developer portal and have fun with the bots.

More about roles on discord:

How to change name color in discord?

Name color change in discord can be very helpful as you can enhance the roles system. You can grade members using different color schemes. To change the name colors in discord follow the given steps:

1.   Open the discord app on your desktop or mobile phone

2.   Click on your server name on your left side

3.   Go to settings -> click on roles

4.   Here you can give roles to the members including yourself

5.   This will change name color for that specific channel only

6.   You can also give custom names to different roles, every role with a different color.

You can also change name color by using a bot named Color-Chan. This bot can change the name color easily. You can check more about this bot by clicking here.

How to level up your roles (as a member)?

The server moderator may have given you a certain task to perform on the server. You can level up by chatting more on the channel, playing games with bots or you can beg the server owner to level up yourselves. You can check out various game bots in discord from here.

What role will I get as a server owner?

Owner will get the highest rank he has made. The owner can also add a member to his highest rank, but obviously the member will have less privileges than the owner.

Can a regular discord member change his/her own name color?

No, regularity doesn’t matter in case of role. No one excluding the owner and moderator can change the color of the name. You need to just level up and enjoy your roles.

In this way you can change the roles and color system of the names on discord. Also don’t forget to play with bots and have fun with it. The game bot’s mentioned above are just fun to play. I’m sure everyone will enjoy playing them. Bot’s increase the discord server engagement. So definitely, you can add many bots and make your server the best. YouTubers often create this type of server, the server full of bot’s.

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