How To Give Robux To People & What Are Its Benefits

What is robux?

Robux is the in-game virtual currency with which you can either purchase a game on Roblox website or can purchase in-game vehicles, skins, clothing for your in-game character. Robux comes in different price ranges starting from $4.99 to $99.99. You can easily share Robux with other people like your friends and family, but they must be in your group to get Robux. How to create a group for sharing Robux is mentioned below.

In short Robux is like virtual money which can be spent only on the Roblox website.

When was Robux Founded and the history of Roblox?

Roblox Corporation the creator of robux was established on 1 Sep 2006. After the successful running of the website, Roblox created Robux on 14 May 2007. The website didn’t get the boom for 4 years due to lack  of interest shown by the co-founder Baszucki  in press meets and the website seemed to be drowning. But in 2010 the company began to grow rapidly and now it is one of the famous free online gaming websites with their own virtual money.

How to buy Robux?

Buying Robux is a very simple task. Here are the steps to buy Robux:

1.  Just go to the Roblox website, search for Robux in the title bar and click on that option.

2.  Website will show the price ranges and number of Robux you will get.

3.  Click the desired amount of Robux you need

4.  Pay with your desired debit/credit card or PayPal account.

5.  You can redeem Robux gift card, which you can buy from stores who sell gift cards

6.  Robux will be added to your account after successful payment

Do you need to buy robux to play on Roblox?

Absolutely not, robux just enhances your game playing experience by just adding few skins and clothing to the character.

Things or items that you can buy using Robux are:

1. Skins

2. Clothing for character

3. Game pass

4. Can buy in-game cash to buy cars and airplanes for faster level up.

5. Can be used to for promoting self- made games that are published on Roblox

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Can we get Robux without buying?

Yes there are some ways to get robux without buying. But these steps are not easy to achieve because you really need to work hard to get a robux for free. These are some steps to get robux without buying:

1.              Make a good Roblox game which is enabled for monetization, this will help you to get Robux.

2.              Work for Roblox Group, obviously they give you Robux

3.              You can share your affiliate link with your friends and family to get robux without buying.

You can easily join Roblox affiliate program, just by clicking on the link. As soon as the user to which you have shared the link purchases anything from the website you Robux for every purchase, made by that user. 

Affiliate program link that you share can consist of a game library or a catalog that also comprises your social media handles. This can help you grow on your social media handle too. This is the most beautiful effort made by Roblox to help a developer grow.

You can also redeem robux by joining Microsoft Rewards. For this first we need to join Microsoft Rewards, then complete the given task by playing small games and many more things and the points which you get can be redeemed towards the Robux.

On an important note: Never fall for free robux websites and apps as they fake. You can’t get robux for free from other unverified websites and apps. All the websites and apps are malicious and can become a threat to your PC and mobile phones. So always buy Robux from a good and verified website or app. Roblox official website is best for buying robux or you can get a robux gift card from website or app.

How to create a group to share Robux to people?

To share robux with people first you need to create a group on Roblox. To create a group, just click on groups, then create groups, fill all the blank spaces and create the group. Making a group on Roblox is not free of cost. You need to spend 100 robux to create a group that is quite costly. But that group stays with you until you delete it. Read the steps below after creating a group to share Robux with people:

  1. After creating a group and adding the members click on create, go to group creations

2. Select the group where you want to share Robux

3. Click the create game button, select any template

4. After creation of game click on the right button with a setting logo which is situated besides Edit option

5. Click on Create game pass

6. Fill all the blank spaces and click on Preview

7. Now click on verify upload button, press configure at bottom right, go to sales and turn on item for sale

8. Put a price of 143 robux if you want to share 100 robux with people. Roblox takes 30% of service charge on sharing.

9. Now once you done with all the steps the game pass will be on sale

10. This means that your group will have pending funds which will be added to your group account after three days

11. After three days go to revenue -> payouts -> click on one time payouts -> add payout recipient -> add the username of the recipient

12. And now you can give all of your Robux which you added to the group previously.

Note: Robux will get shared to the people if they are in your group, else the payout will be declined by the Roblox website.

So, this was our brief content about Robux including topics like how to buy robux, how to share robux to people, etc. Hope that we have cleared all your doubts about Robux in the article.


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