In what ways Flutter is trend setting for app development

Have you decided to come up with your own application after having decided on your startup business idea? Well currently we are living in a competitive era where technologies are evolving exponentially. This has made it difficult for the startups to pick up the most suitable platform to make mobile apps. Probably in 2022 you will be looking for a cross platform framework to create your applications which can make the process smooth along with reducing costs. Flutter is one of the trending technologies which can enable you to meet your purpose effectively. It can provide you with an animated and aesthetic animation experience.

If you are still not convinced about the prospects of Flutter in your app development process, then this post will give you a better picture. Flutter as we know is the UI toolkit of Google which helps in making native applications along with making the UI engaging for mobile, desktop and web users using a single codebase. Flutter app development is gaining popularity and is expected to create trends for your apps with established benchmarks. For big scale enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs, Flutter hands down is the perfect choice. It can help you with maximum features in your apps without increasing the costs. But how to be so sure about its benefits.

Take a look below for a thorough understanding and in depth knowledge.

How Flutter is creating app development trends in 2022

Single codebase: Write once approach is probably one of the features of this framework which has made it distinct from others. It has reduced the limitations of the conventional techniques to save the efforts and time of the developers in coding for multiple platforms. Developers prefer this technology as with one time coding it facilitates in coding for diverse platforms without hampering the proposed features and functionalities. To ensure speed of the application, quality and design, Flutter is regarded as the most appropriate tool.

Makes code writing and testing apps effective: The application development process with Flutter is highly efficient. As only single code is being used here, complexities get reduced resulting in making the overall process accelerated. Furthermore it enables in making the development time crisp as the codebase approach can be reused with various plugins. Finally when the testing phase comes, a simple quality assurance process is significant enough to assess the features, programs and functionalities of cross platform mobile apps. Flutter based mobile app development services can be customised to deliver enhanced performances and meet the business aims and objectives.

Hot reloading: Hot Reloading or Hot Restart is one of the features which has made Flutter cross platform app development prominent and successful. Using this attribute changes in the codes can be viewed by the developers quickly. In other words, developers while coding can view their task status side by side. This helps in making the process transparent and streamlined. It not only enhances the productivity of the employees but also contributes a lot in bug fixation.

Suited best for MVP: You can display your minimum viable product to the investors by using Flutter in your development process. Here there is no need to come up with separate apps for each platform. Through this process you can save your time and effort by skipping testing of project prototypes. Flutter can bring in the much needed transformation in your business as it is compatible with Firebase and does not need separate backends for developing MVP.

Widget utilisation: For the application interface, Widgets play a crucial role. Applications that are integrated with Flutter offer a diverse range of widgets like fonts, navigation, scrolling. All these can be personalised irrespective of the screen size. Compared to any other cross platform framework UI experience from Flutter is highly engaging to enable you stand out in the current competition.

Easy development language: Dart is the programming language used by Flutter. Being a general purpose and a one source language, developers without technical proficiency find this easy to learn and access. Apart from contributing in the genre of mobile app development, Dart is also equally purposeful for web, desktop and server apps.

Easy maintenance and setup: Developing and maintaining Flutter apps is relatively easy because of the single codebase. It betters the performance of your apps, when compared to other platforms. In this process the maintenance efforts get reduced. Use of single code programming helps in incorporating changes swiftly without referring back and forth on the codes. You can hire mobile app developers to make your brands distinctive in terms of business development and growth prospects.

Hope the above discussion has made it clear how Flutter can contribute and make your apps engaging for the users. It contains elements which can indulge the users to crave for more. Thus your targeted customers can be retained by providing them opportunities to come back for repeated usages.


Well for you to experience the benefits of Flutter, you need to use it for your app development process. Even if you are a startup, this would be equally beneficial to have investors on your side. With skilled developers you can make your apps compatible for multiple platforms to serve a large number of consumers in one go. To hire mobile app developers for this you can get in touch with a reputed entity having proficiency on making apps popular and successful.

Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a popular name to reckon with in the spectrum of mobile app development services. His technical understandings and experience in business consulting has created avenues for many including startups to enhance their digital presence across the globe.


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