iOS 7 May Be Present with Further Integration into LinkedIn

A recent report reveals that iOS 7 might come with further integration with LinkedIn like integration with Facebook and Twitter that are already present on iOS 6.

9to5Mac reports, the source code in iOS 7 beta for developers contains references to the LinkedIn single sign-on system similar to those used for Twitter and Facebook. With integration into LinkedIn, users only need to log in to the service once, and they will be able to share content directly to the service from either Safari or other applications (such as camera roll).

The further integration of iOS 7 with LinkedIn might become apparent considering this service gets the same treatment on OS X Mavericks. LinkedIn will be one of the “share sheets” on OS X 10.9, allowing users to share content from the Safari browser and other Apple applications such as Photo Booth.

According to the developer who initially found the code reference, some of the code needed to complete the integration is still missing. This makes us ask, why is it not present in the iOS 7 beta for developers. That could mean Apple is still finishing its finishing or hasn’t reached an agreement with LinkedIn to integrate the business-oriented social networking service.


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