IPhone Plastic Body Appears in China

After some time there have been a lot of rumors about the cheap version of the iPhone, today we have information that in China a body or plastic case appears to be the body of a cheap version of the iPhone. What appears in the photo of the iPhone’s plastic body leak seems to reinforce rumors that say that the latest iPhone iteration will come at a low price and comes with a colorful body.

This leaked part of the iPhone first appeared from a post on Weibo by someone known as 7mob who had a connection to one of the workers from a factory based in China. In this case, the person who posted claimed he had a “friend” who worked at Foxconn, one of the biggest manufacturing lines that assembled and produced Apple devices in recent years.

This device appears with a single LED flash hole to the right of the lens hole (both circular), with a microphone hole between the two. A black Apple logo is located in a standard location in the middle and the top of the device, while the normal “iPhone” brand name is located in the same location at the bottom.

The green color of the body that appears in the photo also requires that the color is one of six color choices for the device. The news says other colors are yellow, blue, pink, white – and we will no longer see a black iPhone here. It is possible to differentiate between this low-cost model and the high-end version of the iPhone 5. However, we are not sure, whether the leaked plastic body from the iPhone is really like the iPhone device that will actually be released by Apple. So far there has been no confirmation about this from the related company.


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