What is Manga GO?

MangaGo is a website which is used to read manga for free. You can get your choice of manga here. This website has a simple UI, just search for the Manga you need and read it or you can also select the Manga from the website. 

While reading the Manga you just have to change the page by selecting the drop down on the left side of the webpage and to change the chapter, there is a similar kind of dropdown on the reading screen. No need to go back to the websites page to change the chapter.

But recently, MangaGo was not working for a few days.  As it provides the licenced Manga’s for free, few publications were furious about this website and eventually MangaGo Was not working for a few days. People who rely on Manga’s were literally shattered due to this scenario. Manga’s have a very high fan base. People literally wait eagerly for the new chapter of the Manga and if they don’t get the privilege to read it, they literally get shattered. For few people around the Manga’s are the only source of entertainment and if you take away that then it is quite painful. This was the condition of few fans when MangaGO was not working.  

MangaGo has a different level of fan-base. Lots of people visit this website and spend hours reading the manga. So, lets see why to choose MangaGo over any other website.  

Why to use MangaGo over any other website?

Even though MangaGO was not working for a few days, people still love this website a lot because of its UI.  It’s simple and nice UI is very fascinating. Unlike other manga reading websites like mangastream , MangaGo is ad free. Yes, you heard that right MangaGo is totally ad free that means you will just enjoy reading the manga. Ad free experience is just amazing and it is hard to get. MangaGO publishers give a clean and bug free website which is the most beautiful thing of MangaGO. Literally no one loves those spamming ads which tend to cover up the entire screen; those spamming ads definitely hinder your reading experience by a huge margin. So an ad free experience makes MangaGO the best choice over any other website

MangaGo provides the manga’s you need plus no money required plus ad free experience, which is the best experience you will get. Grab something to eat and start reading the manga. You will definitely enjoy this experience and if you’re an advanced manga reader you will get what I’m trying to say in this article.

My thoughts on MangaGo

Those who are new to Manga, you should start your journey by reading manga like solo levelling or the cult classics like Dragon Ball. You can also read the ongoing manga series like one piece. My hero academia is also one of the most famous superhero manga.

In MangaGO most of the manga’s are translated into English and no need to read in a special way. You can read it like a normal English book from left to right. The untranslated manga are read from right to left, which is not the case in MangaGo. 

Pros and cons of MangaGo:

Although MangaGo provides better experience than other websites, they do suffer in few areas . Here are some pros and cons of MangaGo.


  1.     Clean UI
  2.     No ads and bugs
  3.     Greater reading experience
  4.     Has almost all manga’s
  5.     No such bloatware on the website
  6.     Website hosts are just awesome


  1.     MangaGo was not working for few days
  2.     This problem happens frequently on this website
  3.     This problem can also happen when there is  a release day of new chapter
  4.     Show’s 18+ manga’s on home screen which can be vulnerable for few users
  5.     Now-a-days user don’t believe in this website sometimes
  6.     Gets down due to copyright strike by Manga publisher

These were a few pros and cons of MangaGo.

MangaGo was not working because the server had been down for a few days, usually the publishers try to resolve this problem asap. But this takes time as the website is providing licensed products for free on the web.  The server of this website can be down forever in the future and nobody will know about it beforehand.

But cheers to the website publishers as they try to bring immersive experience to the users. Because of no ads they are not getting paid through adsense. Publishers have created this website just for reading and not for making money. These were the good things and the bad things about MangaGo.

Everyone should give Kudos to the publishers and enjoy the manga. Instead of wasting time, do read a book ; not only manga’s but the books which you will love to read. These can help you to shape your future. That’s it by our side. Happy Reading 


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