Mangastream – Don’t Read Manga Before Knowing This !

What is Manga?

Many of you might have heard from your friends that they often read manga. So what mangas are, basically manga is a Japanese style of writing a comic book which can be read by the young ones as well as adults. One can read mangas for free using websites like MangaStream, tachiyomi, etc.

Is manga fun to read?

Yes definitely it is, according to me manga’s are fun to read. Manga’s are written in Japanese language mainly but later they are translated in English, German, etc. English versions of these comics can be found on MangaStream. Just click on your favourite manga and enjoy it.

How many types of manga can we read?

Basically there are 5 types of manga namely:

1.             Shonen

2.             Shojo

3.             Seinen

4.             Josei

5.             Kodomomuke

These types are just intended for the age group of viewer that is eligible to access that content of that specific manga.

Classification of types:

1.    Shonen:

Shonen type of manga is made for small high school kids. This is intended for Kids below the age of 15 years.

Ex. Dragon ball, Naruto, My hero Academia

2.    Shojo:

Shojo is made primarily for females. Shojo means young girl. Shojo mangas are based on love stories and relationships but also contain adventures and action.

Ex. Sailor moon, Cardcaptor Sakura

3.    Seinen:

Seinen means youth. Seinen is made for the youth from the age 15 to 24. These manga’s are full of violence. Action is must in Seinen. But some of Seinen are also full of comedy as well.

Ex. Akira, Berserk

4.    Josie:

Josie is also a women centric manga, which can be read by women ageing 18-40. Josie focuses more on interpersonal relationships and also has some darker subjects for women.

Ex. Loveless, Midnight Secretary, Honey and Clover

5.    Kodomomuke:

Kodomomuke is intended for children who are below the age of Shonen. Kodumomuke focuses more on imaginative and simple stories which teaches ethics and manners to children.

Ex. Pokemon, Chi’s sweet home.

Above mentioned manga’s can be easily found on the MangaStream website. Though the links for every manga mentioned in this post will be provided at the end of the article, you can simply search for these on your search bar.

Are all the manga’s Superpowers or Super Hero related?

No this is a common misconception, manga’s do come in different topics like love story, spirituality, emotionally appealing manga’s, etc. But the manga with superpowers and superheroes saving the world are more famous to the world.

How are mangas made?

Manga’s are basically handwritten and then are published online. The Japanese ink drawing is very famous. They are designed by good drawing artists, who are basically professional in ink drawing. The heritage of ink drawing in Japan has been practised for about 100 years.

How to read a Manga?

Traditional way to read manga is from right to left, opposite to what we read in English (from left to right). So, whenever you start reading manga your head should go from right to left. Sometimes it’s hard to adapt this kind of habit as a beginner, but as you go forward you will create a habit.

When there are more than two panel order’s in a page we have to start from the upper right panel, to upper left panel, followed by bottom right and bottom left panel.

There is also a word bubble order in manga if there are more than one bubble, then the sequence will be first upper word bubble then lower word bubble. If the word bubbles are arranged side by side then one should read the right side bubble first then the left side. Once you get the habit of reading manga, this will be a piece of cake for you. Manga’s are not hard to read, you just need a proper method to read it. Just follow the guide above and you will enjoy reading manga

Which is the longest running manga and Why ?

When you spend more time on a particular task, you get more creative. That’s the mantra for manga authors, they go on and on writing new chapters every week.

The longest running manga till date is Golgo 13. The first chapter of Golgo 13 was published in October 1968 and the story of this manga is still going on. It was started nearly 53 years ago, that’s a huge success. Golgo 13 has 200 volumes and 639 chapters released till date. There are lots more manga which ran for a huge period of time. Dokaben manga has the highest number of volumes yet. It has 205 volumes. Dokaben was released in 1972 and was running for 46 years until 2018.

People’s love towards manga inspires the authors to create more and more chapters and volumes.

You can read Golgo 13 from here:

What is the difference between manga and anime?

Manga is kind of a comic book with hand drawn paintings and word bubbles, whereas anime is Japanese animated cartoon series. In Japan people call it anime for every cartoon they watch including Spongeboob Squarepants and others. But westerners often call anime a Japanese cartoon only.

As a manga contains volumes and chapters, anime contains seasons and episodes. Anime’s are often released on OTT platforms like Netflix. We need to pay a few bucks to watch anime but one can get any manga for free on the MangaStream website.

In some cases the story from manga is often shown in anime. Number of manga are often served as anime nowadays.

Weather to watch anime or to read manga is everyone’s personal choice. But just for this time give it a shot in manga.

Where to read Manga?

Manga can be read online on websites like MangaStream or Tachiyomi. For now we will focus on the MangaStream because it’s more useful than tachiyomi. Manga’s have volume’s consisting of chapters. Each volume can consist ‘n’ number of chapters. So to read manga you need to invest time. You get every chapter of every volume plus the new releases of chapters from the publication on MangaStream easily.

Advantages of reading a manga on MangaStream:

1.    Easy user interface

2.    Search the name of manga and start reading directly

3.    Has every volume and chapter

4.    Highest quality pages

5.    Free of cost

6.    Gets every new chapter release quickly

Disadvantages of reading a manga on MangaStream:

1.    Lots of annoying ads

2.    Ads reduces the interest in manga reading

3.    Sometimes cannot find a  specific manga

What are genres in Manga?

Genres are the categories of manga. One could choose a genre according to his choice. Some of the genres in manga are:

1. Action

2. Adult

3. Adventure

4. Comedy

5. Cooking

6. Drama

7. Romance

8. School life

9. Sports

10. Supernatural

11. Tragedy

12.  Sci-fi

13. Mystery

According to me manga’s are fun to read and you should give it a try in your free time or leisure time. Manga’s can relax your mind and can heal you up for new day. Take the advantage of mangastream and read interesting manga. I’m sure when you end a manga you will feel for it. In manga’s not only villains die but the hero and heroine also dies sometimes due to an overpowered villain. That emotional scene when the hero dies will definitely make you shed some tears. Happy reading to you all Cheers!

Best manga I have read so far:

Solo leveling is the best manga I have ever read. The story of this manga consists of a hero named Jin Woo who is shown as a weak character in the beginning, but then dungeons arrive on earth and give powers to everyone. In the starting scene after getting the dungeon hero works hard to get to the double dungeon. In the double dungeon his half of the team including him gets killed. But all of sudden he wakes up at the hospital. He gets a system where he can level up himself and become stronger than ever. He fights with the overpowered monster’s and gets a level up. Jin Woo has become a powerful character now.

The series of Solo Levelling is still going on and has 149 chapters. The first chapter of this series was started as an unpublished novel in 2014 with 14 volumes and 270 chapters. After ending in 2015 this manga was released in 2018 and it’s still going on. Authors often release 2 or 3 or may be more chapters every month.

If you see a pole where Solo Leveling is demanded by a huge amount of people to get animated as an anime don’t get surprised as this is the most demanding manga ever written by the Japanese author. If you’re a beginner then this manga will definitely build your interest in manga, not only because it is easy to read but also contains interesting twists.

Links of Some of My Favourite Mangas to Read: –

Solo levelling:

Dragon ball:


My hero Academia:

Cardcaptor Sakura:



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