12 Best Soundboards for Discord 2022

Best Soundboards for Discord

[TOC] Discord is one of the most widely used voice chat programmes among gamers. It’s a terrific way to stay in touch with your squad whether playing games or hanging out with pals. You can make your own Discord servers, add bots, and do a lot more with them. You can also have some fun … Read more

Best 12 Rabbit Alternatives That You Can Use in 2022

Rabbit Alternatives

[TOC] Rabbit was a popular platform that allowed users to stream, connect, and watch material in real-time with their friends and family. It was a true co-watching dream come true. Rabbit, however, suspended operations owing to a lack of finance, leaving its millions of users in the dark. Rabbit also sold all of its assets … Read more

Top 7 Google Cloud Print Alternatives

Google Cloud Print Alternatives

[TOC] Google Cloud Print is dead. That isn’t new knowledge, but if you haven’t chosen Google Cloud Print alternatives yet, we have a few suggestions for you. You’ll surely find some answers here, whether it’s to connect printers across your offices, manage and track print jobs and printing budgets, or any other use case for … Read more

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server 2022

Add Bots to Your Discord Server

[TOC] Discord, a free gaming chat service, is extremely popular, with over 140 million monthly active users. A lot of this is due to how simple the software is to use, and how simple it is to manage servers on Discord. So, in 2022, here’s how to add bots to your Discord server. While Discord … Read more

3 Steps to Solve Steam Content File Locked Error [2022]

Steam content file locked

[TOC] When updating your game, do you keep getting the Steam content file locked error? This is highly inconvenient, and you are far from alone in experiencing it. It has been reported by a large number of Windows users. The good news is that it is fixable. Here are three options to consider. 3 Steps … Read more

Minecraft Not Responding Error – Easy Fixes in 2022

Minecraft Not Responding

[TOC] Minecraft’s limitless world is ready for you to explore, but you can’t go in. It refuses to respond indefinitely. What an annoyance! Don’t worry, this isn’t the first time Minecraft has failed to answer. Thousands of players have complained about the same problem. The good news is that it is simple to solve. Why … Read more

How to disable Cortana in 3 Easy ways

disable cortana

[TOC] If you choose, you may easily uninstall Cortana in Windows 10. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on How to disable Cortana from Windows 10. This article will help you to Remove/Uninstall Cortana in Windows 10. Cortana was formerly a component of Windows 10 Search, and some of you may find it difficult to uninstall Cortana. … Read more

Internet Explorer 11 Missing From Windows 10

Internet Explorer 11 Missing From Windows 10

[TOC] If you face the Internet Explorer 11 missing from Windows 10, there are numerous options for restoring and opening Internet Explorer 11. There are options are available if you require professional data recovery software, hard drive partition organiser, or system backup and restore software. I rebooted my Windows 10 PC earlier this morning to … Read more