Real-Life and Fiction-Inspired Escape Room Concepts (100 + 80*10 +100) 

Escape rooms are a great way to spend some time with your loved ones and bonding with your colleagues. They give us a break from technology and give us an experience full of excitement and fun. So, to have a successful escape room a good concept is crucial.

A good concept in an escape room needs to be mind-boggling, head-scratching and palm-sweating to make it one-of-a-kind. But since, art imitates life, the ideas are often taken from real life incidents or fictional pieces and made into a thrilling game.

Here are 10 amazing escape room ideas that have been inspired from real life as well as fictions-

1. Chernobyl: Nuclear Disaster-

Based on a tragic real-life incident which resulted in the death of dozens of people, this escape room idea is very popular and used by many brands. Players are arranged in groups and put inside the heart of the nuclear reactor, and are only given 60 minutes to prevent it from going off. In that time, they must follow all the instructions and solve mathematical problems to stop the experiment. Things are made more difficult when the alarm goes off and the power goes out.

2. Zombie Apocalypse-

A popular trope seen in movies and TV shows like “The Dead Don’t Die”, “Dawn of the dead” and “Zombieland”, most escape room companies keep a room in this theme. There are usually 2 objectives- the team of players must at all cost keep away from the zombies to survive. They must also retrieve the secret antidote to the virus that is hidden in the lab and save the human race.

3. Mental Asylum-

If it is a haunted house you want, this theme is the best there is. Taken from movies like “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Ward”, these rooms are sure to send a shiver down your spine. Usually the idea is, you and your friends get locked inside an old asylum that’s supposed to be haunted. You get 60 minutes to escape, getting away from the stuff of your nightmares. If you cannot, your soul would join the ones that are already there.

4. Hunting from Gold-

Adapted from treasure hunting stories and movies like searching for the lost crown jewels of England, these tropes are popular adventure themed escape rooms. In this room, the players may be transported to an exotic island or an abandoned cabin in the woods with a map that tells them where the treasure is hidden. However, the map is encrypted, but whatever you need to figure out what the map says and the final location of the treasure, is in the room itself.

5. Fantasy Fairytales-

Growing up, we all heard fairytales everywhere, through Disney as well as other novels. Even the old short stories by the Grimm Brothers make them less frightening and more familiar. So, stepping into the world where magic helps the good defeat the evil is a nostalgia every grownup craves. These rooms are whimsical and fantastic in nature, where to solve the puzzles, you need to think with a childlike innocence.

6. Saving the Plane-

Having the chance to play a hero is not something anyone can give up easily. In this theme, you and your team are civilians, travelling internationally with other people, when your place is suddenly highjacked by terrorists. Can you keep a cool mind and negotiate with them? And when there is a sudden turn of events, resulting in a bomb inside the cabin, can you defuse it before it kills everyone?

7. The Mummy’s Curse-

As a child we all loved watching movies about exploring the ancient tombs of Egypt. Now as an adult, you can finally live it by stepping into these escape rooms. Set in a way one expects a mummy’s burial chamber to look like, the players are all archeologists who have just now discovered a mummy. But beware, while the chamber is full of untold treasures, there is said to be a curse which will kill anyone who dares to enter it.

8. Murder Mystery-

There is nothing like a good mystery to keep you all on your toes. Inspired by the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, these escape rooms are an exercise for your brain. A murder most foul has taken place and as a detective, it is up to you to figure out who the killer is. And do that in a limited span of time. Follow logical reasoning and math to figure it out, meanwhile, everyone is a suspect.

9. Sensory Rooms-

These rooms are relatively new and different from the usual escape rooms. Upon entering, the players will all need to coordinate and solve puzzles to get out, but they will have one or another of their senses taken away from them. In these rooms they will have to use the remaining senses to figure out and use alternative means of communication to work together and get out in time. This game is usually suitable for teams of 3 but is great for team building.

10. Lost in Time-

Inspired from movies like “The Time Machine” and “Back to the Future”, these escape rooms are a popular destination for everyone. As you touch that weird looking object, it seems that you and your teammates have been plunged back into the past. With no solution insight, you must remain inconspicuous while searching for something to take you back to your time. If you cannot find that within an hour, you will be stuck in that time forever.

Now that you have gone through these 10 amazing ways to sharpen your brain and build a team, you can make an informed decision about which type of escape room you want to try. So, remember to try out these and have a blast while doing so!


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