What Are the Essential Skills That Singapore IT Companies Are Looking for?

When hiring for IT jobs, most companies are looking for experience with certain skills. Employees who are skilled in architecture, security, business intelligence, and data workflow management are highly sought-after. Other skills that would be useful to Singapore IT companies include database design and administration, big data analysis, cloud computing services, and the latest programming languages.

An important first step for any job seeker is to have a strong resume that shows all of your qualifications clearly. For anyone looking to shift careers into IT (or even if you’ve already established), an official certification like the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) program could boost your chances of landing work with Singapore IT companies! It’s also essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of acronyms used in this industry; The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) credential is highly respected and is recognized by most employers.

Singapore’s IT industry is booming with the demand for skilled professionals. If you are looking to join the ranks of this in-demand profession, check out these 11 skills employers are seeking to get a job in Singapore IT companies!

1) Business Intelligence

The ability to gather, interpret and analyze data in order to inform decision making. As companies continue to grow and expand internationally, they need employees who can quickly provide them with accurate information that will allow them to make sound business decisions.

2) Database Management

Knowledge of how databases work and how they should be structured for optimal performance. Database administrators (DBAs) often use Structured Query Language (SQL), which is an important skill for any company working with large quantities of data or high transaction rates. DBAs are also in demand to develop and manage big data solutions.

3) Cybersecurity

The prevention of unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction of information. Singapore is a high-tech city and is constantly under threat of cyberattacks. As such, companies are in need of employees who can protect their networks and data from harm.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is useful for protecting the technology Infrastructure of organizations. However, many cybersecurity positions require an advanced degree or experience, which can be obtained by taking security-related courses and participating in internships that allow you to get on-the-job training while still in school.

4) Data Analysis

The ability to make sense of large amounts of data by identifying patterns and trends. This skill is essential for businesses who want to understand their customers’ behaviour and preferences in order to create targeted marketing campaigns.

5) Data Visualization

Presenting data in a visually appealing way that makes it easy to understand. Data visualization helps businesses to see the big picture and gain insights they might not otherwise be able to find.

6) Data Science

A combination of business analytics, statistics, and computer programming allows people to extract hidden knowledge from data in order to inform decision-making. It’s a multi-disciplinary field and companies often need professionals with various skill sets such as mathematics, algorithms, and software development.

7) Software Development

The process of developing or creating new applications, products, or services. Companies are currently building their own apps for rural banking and e-commerce businesses due to the growing popularity of smartphones among low-income populations. Having employees who can develop these kinds of tools is very important!

8) Big Data Analysis

Big data refers to large volumes of both structured (e.g., sales data, manufacturing records) and unstructured (e.g., emails, social media posts) data that is so complex it can’t be processed using traditional software tools. Singapore IT companies need professionals who can extract value from this vast amount of information such as patterns and trends to inform decision-making processes.

9) Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

The use of algorithms enables a machine or computer system to learn how to complete tasks without being programmed for each specific task. This allows computers and other machines to find hidden insights within the data and take action based on those patterns and trends rather than just following rules.

10) Software Testing

Testing applications and systems after they have been created or updated in order to make sure they are still working correctly. Software testing has become especially complex because of the growing amount of apps and devices that rely on network connectivity.

11) Mobile Application Development

Smartphones have become an essential tool for businesses because it allows them to be constantly connected to their customers, suppliers, employees, and everyone in between. Having employees who can design mobile applications that help businesses operate more efficiently is key! Many companies are even having trouble finding talent with these skill sets because demand for this talent far outstrips supply. As Singapore’s IT industry continues to grow, so will opportunities for talented professionals looking to enter the field of Singapore IT companies.


If you don’t have these skills, it is time to learn. The digital revolution has made data-driven decision-making the norm in business today. With more and more businesses migrating their operations online or looking for new ways to offer innovative services digitally, they need individuals with the right mix of technical expertise and analytical know-how.


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