How To Fix The Notorious Problem of Steam Not Opening?

Steam is the most famous Pc Gaming Platform for purchasing and playing games. It has increased in popularity at an increasing rate since 2003, but that doesn’t mean that the steam is perfect, sometimes the app can be a bit tricky. When it happens it is INCREDIBLY  INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING for Gamers, So if you have come across the frustrating and resentful problem of steam not opening. Then this my friend is the perfect article for you.

Note: This is mainly for Windows I don’t recommend using this for Mac or Os-based operating systems.

Check if Steam is down

If Steam doesn’t open or it is stuck at a connecting phase the most probable explanation is that your internet or ethernet connection is down, or that Steam itself isn’t active. If you want to know if your connection is proper or not I suggest Opening 5 Different Websites at once to see how fast is your connection or do the normal thing and go to an Internet speed check website like Ookla.

To check if Steam isn’t active you can get the Unofficial Steam status website or you can go to the website simply named Is Steam down? Both of them are quite helpful and the Unofficial Steam status website can even help you give information on the status of the multiplayer game coordinators.

Note -Steam goes down briefly every Tuesday between 1 to 3 Pacific time-

Check if you can locate Steam when alt-tabbing

Steam sometimes just disappears, among the many open tabs. It is a dreadful glitch that isn’t patched to this day but the Steam development team can hardly do anything about it since it is most of the time the computers fault, yes your computer may sometimes just close a window if it is overheating or there are just too many tabs open, If you have several monitors you can check on which screen steam isn’t opening by pressing ALT + TAB.

End Steam processes through the Task Manager

If you are a veteran Windows 7 or Windows 10 user you know your way around sometimes you just have to end the Steam task in the task manager, but for those of you who don,t know their way around here’s what you need to do

Step 1

Right-click on the taskbar

Step 2

Click on task manager

Step 3

Locate Steam in the Processes tab in the task manager

Step 4

Simply Right-click on steam and click on the end task button on the bottom right corner, it will ask for confirmation click on End task again.

Clear the Steam app cache

You may have cleared the app that is causing trouble from your Android device’s Cache, but shocking news you can do it on windows too. You may ask what is Cache? A cache is program built-in android devices that help you launch applications or ‘apps’ faster.

Step to clear steam from your windows cache

If you may install the Steam client on your C:\ drive, this is where you will usually find it: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam. It should be sorted alphabetically so just look in the ‘S’ section

Just copy & paste the file in a safe location and delete the original steam directory. Now you can easily start steam. The extra file is for safety if something bad happens or the original file gets corrupted you have a spare so you don’t have to reinstall steam.

Uninstall and reinstall Steam

If none of the above steps work then use a simple solution that has been a fix to many keen problems yes your heard me or read me right you just have to uninstall and reinstall steam.

But if you don’t want to reinstall your Video game library again you can do it another way, make sure you don’t delete or uninstall Steam.Exe,steamapps, and user data files, if you’re P.C is asking for administrator permission, permit it to delete everything else except the above-mentioned files. Now just reinstall Steam and VIOLA Steam’s running again.

Make sure you are not running the Steam Beta Client

If you are using Steam beta client, well don’t use it why because it is the most glitchy thing I ever saw. Anyway if you have the beta version uninstall it and download this version

Use System Restore

Windows Updates are famous for breaking applications on your computer, If steam stopped working after a Windows update windows is probably the culprit, well there is a way to fix such tedious problems, system recovery Note -None of your games will be deleted.-

To fix the problem follow these steps.

Step 1

Go to the control panel and in  the upper right corner click on View large Icons and click on Recovery

Step 2

Launch System Restore. Press next to find automatic Restore points and select a date before the installation of Updates on Windows.

Turn off firewalls or antivirus software

Make sure Steam is not blocked by firewalls or antivirus software, if it is make it an exception in the given software or disable the given software temporarily.

Contact Steam support team

If none of the above given easy or hard fixes work it’s time to give in and contact steam support, although they are famous for slow responses. The new Valve support team isn’t like that.

So that’s it, hopefully, you found this blog helpful if so please consider sharing this blog. If we left out any solution please mail it at  [email protected].


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