The 7 essentials for a bow stalking in the pyrenees

Hunting with bow in the mountains is a great challenge for any archer, the success of it will depend on many factors, but the correct choice of the equipment that we are going to carry will make things much easier for us.


I am in favor of using fast and powerful bows for hunting, as long as we have full control of it, since it is useless for our projectile to arrive with a lot of speed and energy if we are not able to put it in place.

For mountain hunting these two factors are an advantage, since most of the shots tend to be longer than we would like, between 40 and 80 meters.

In this case, the arc used is a pulley arch of 87 ibs of power, with 29 ”of opening, 32” between axles and 7 ”of fismel, which launches the arrows at more than 350 fps, about 106 meters per second.


The choice of the arrow is the same or more complex than that of the ammunition of our rifles, due to the quantity and variety of models, calibers, materials and finishes, which will be complemented by the wide range of hunting tips and feathers that exist in the market.

In my case I am using a 5 mm diameter 300 caliber carbon arrow with a helical feathered , the Bohning Archery X Vanes , and a double-edged mechanical hunting tip that remains closed during flight and, on impact with the animal , its blades open ensuring a perfect flight with a large cutting diameter.

The total weight of the arrow is 490 gn, keeping the energy-flush binomial fairly balanced.


I use a 0.10 monopin viewfinder with a mobile cart that allows me to adjust the shooting distance meter by meter, giving a lot of definition and precision in medium and long shots; This viewfinder also allows me to put a magnifying lens widely used in competition, offering a better view of the objective.


It is doll, from the French brand Arc Systeme .

Operated by a trigger with the index finger, the advantage of this trigger is the good fit it offers to the anatomy of each archer’s hand.


It is a drop, which ensures a clean exit from the arrow without any part of the material rubbing and can influence its flight.


They are mixed, derived from the competition, being able to personalize them with different weights at their end for better thrust of the bow until achieving a good balance of forces that, together with a good shooting technique, offers me a lot of confidence.


Camouflage clothing is essential when putting yourself at the right distance.

There are currently high-quality technical clothing on the market.


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