Why Are USB Ports Not Working In Windows 10 ?

A lot of us have gone through USB ports not working after updating from any old windows to Windows 10. This can also happen randomly at any movement of time. Getting the best solution online for this fix at the right time saves our time and money.

So, today in this article, we are going to give you a fix which will get you going in no time. Some of these fixes will be focusing only on laptops also. So, let’s learn why the USB ports do not work on Windows 10 / Windows 7. Before getting in the solutions let’s see why this problem arises.

Why did my laptops USB ports stopped working all of a sudden?

Here are few basic reasons why USB ports are not working on Windows 10:

  1. Recently updated the Windows.
  2. USB drivers can be missing or your PC is running on older versions of USB drivers.
  3. USB port is damaged
  4. USB Device which you try to connect malfunctions.
  5. USB port is not working due to old bios on your motherboard

These are some of the common issues which cause the USB ports to stop working on Windows 10 / Windows 7.

How to Fix USB ports not working on Windows 10 / Windows 7 problem?

These are few of the solutions which will help to solve the problem.

1. Reinstall the USB drivers:

  1. From the search tab in the bottom right on taskbar, search for device manager.
  2. Left click on the driver which you want to update or reinstall
  3. The drop down menu will appear, right click on the needed driver and choose uninstall.
  4. Restart your pc /laptop, Windows will try to install the drivers again.

This fix can probably fix the How to Fix USB ports not working on Windows 10 error. If not, let’s go to the next solution. 

2. Check for the power supply

This fix will only work on your laptops USB ports are not working properly. As the USB hub needs the power supply continuously, use your laptops while connected to the power supply most of the time. Follow the steps written below:

  1. Disconnect your laptop from power supply
  2. Restart your laptop
  3. Connect the USB device
  4. Connect the laptop to power supply again

This can also fix your USB ports not working on Windows 10/Windows 7 error, if not then let’s get into the next fix.

3. Try to reinstall the USB Controller:

Universal Serial Bus Controller is a controller which controllers the USB device which you connect in the USB port. It detects the USB device and gives feedback to the motherboard. It also grants permissions for other softwares to interact with the USB devices. To reinstall it follow the steps written below.

  1. Open device manager
  2. Search for Universal Serial Bus Controller
  3. Expand the option and uninstall the drivers
  4. Uninstall all the drivers in the Universal Serial Bus Controller
  5. Restart your computer
  6. After restart windows will attempt to reinstall the drivers automatically.

The USB ports not working on Windows 10/Windows 7 error, reportedly is getting solved by this method for many users. If your USB ports are still not working, don’t worry we have got a few more solutions for this error.

4. Change the advanced power setting:

Sometimes your computer can get into a power saving mode, where it tries to disable the USB ports to reduce the power consumption of your computer. To change the advanced power setting, follow the steps below.

  1. Open control panel, Search for power options
  2. Click on the Change plan settings
  3. Now click on change advanced power setting
  4. A small window will appear, navigate to USB settings
  5. Set the USB selective suspend setting to disabled.

This solution is also used by many users to solve this problem. If the USB port is still not working, let’s get into next fix

5. Check the USB ports physically

If the USB ports are physically broken then any device you connect in that port will never work. This issue occurs when you connect and disconnect the USB device rapidly or lack maintenance of your computer.

This physical damage can happen when your computer gets too old. Check whether the USB ports are broken and not. If the USB ports do not seem to be broken, then also check the USB of the device which you try to connect to your computer.

You should also clean the USB ports thoroughly as dust can settle easily inside it. If the USB port seems to be broken then set up a meeting with the local repair shop which can easily solve this issue.

6. How to check whether USB ports are working or not?

To check whether your computer is detecting the USB device, follow the steps written below.

  1. Open device manager
  2. If the USB device is already connect then disconnect it
  3. After disconnecting successfully the device manager will get refreshed automatically.
  4. If it’s not getting refreshed try inserting another USB device in that port.
  5. If the problem still persists then your USB port is physically damaged.

This is one of the simplest techniques to find out whether the USB port is physically damaged or not. If the problem still persists you have to visit a repair shop. 

So these were some common solutions for USB ports not working on Windows 10/Windows 7 error. This error is becoming very common between the users. The computer needs special software drivers to make sure whether the USB ports work correctly or not.

This error gets fixed through updation of drivers. After uninstalling the drivers, just connect the USB device in the port and the system will download or update its drivers automatically. In most of the cases you don’t need the special software to install the drivers. So, avoid those third party driver updater software. The system software will automatically download and install drivers in the background, just make sure you connect your computer to the internet at least once every day.

Hope the solutions mentioned above will solve the USB ports not working on Windows 10/Windows issue.  


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